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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ride the Rapids

Tim and I got the chance to go on a last minute river rafting trip with my inlaws. It was super quick, but I'm so glad we made the time to go. We drove to Vernal after work on Tuesday night, arrived in time to check in to our hotel and fall asleep. After a quick early morning run, we met up with the group to be bussed out to the river. Along the way they stopped to see some petroglyphs. It was interesting because the Freemont indians left so little in terms of artifacts that they do not have great interpretations or explanations what the drawings are trying to portray. Sad, because it took a lot of work and obviously it was of high importance to the people. These were some of my favorite.

Then we were off to the river, the weather was pretty much perfect and it felt great to get on the water. We were in a boat with my inlaws, their friends, and Tim's brother Mike.

Oh, and of course, our trusty river guide Tony. He has a degree in geology and had so much interesting information about the rock formations, the river, and the original exploration of the river by John Wesley Powell. Seriously, it was like school in a good way, but don't test me, I've forgotten everything already.

After a few hours on the river we stopped at a little beach for lunch. The river crew had brought everything along and set up quite the spread of sandwiches, fruit, chips and cookies. Delish. All that sitting in a boat can make you hungry.

Because we are late in the season, the rapids were all relatively small, just enough to get wet and make you work, but nothing to toss you out. Once we were at calm water, Tim and I took Tony up on the invitation to swim. The water was great and it was fun to cruise with the current. The only problem, getting back in the boat. Let's just say that it wasn't pretty or graceful.

It was a long drive back to Provo that afternoon, but we loved it and can't wait to go back next year for more.

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Julia said...

what a blast friend!!!! you have had the best summer adventures...super jealous :)