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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Boys Will Be Boys

He had to make sure it was good.
We wouldn't want the dogs eathing just any old dog food, right?
Miles thought that the rawhide bone was the perfect tool to
"stir the pot"
Could these boys be any cuter?
Not sure what Miles was telling Nibs,
but I'm sure it was important.

Happy Birthday to Me

Deja vu?
Yep, we went to the Baja Cantina again this year for my birthday.
The drive was beautiful and the food was amazing.

Miss Ada gave me a present she created.
An envelope with a note, a quarter and two pennies.
Not sure where I will spend all of my money.
Good thing I had help to blow out those candles.
I am getting old.
Thanks mom, the carrot cake was amazing.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Does anyone have the name of a good massagonist? My hamstring is killing me.

The Madonna episode did not disappoint.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Yes Happy Sumo, I'm Talking About You

Dear Restaurant, Retail Store, Entertainment Center, etc."

I am quite content with the relationship we have. I sign up for your clubs, newsletters, memberships, etc. and provide you with my email/physical address so that you can track me and use the demographics for market research. In return, I receive notice of special offers and some token coupons. Not a bad deal. But here is where our relationship is going south. When I attempt to take advantage of the coupons or offers, maybe your staff could refrain from acting like I am trying to scam something, or that I am second class for actually using the deals. Wasn't the point to get me in your establishment in the first place. Seems like if everything went well, I would be more likely to return and to tell everyone on my blog about the great experience. Marketing mission accomplished. On the other hand.....


Someone who almost never uses coupons, but when I do, don't make me a second class shopper

Baby Baby Baby


What is it about the Justin Beiber that makes me like him so much. The first time I saw him he reminded me of my nephew Tad, so I use that as my excuse. E told me that some of her friends are obsessed with him and even have Justin Beiber tattoos. Don't worry, I haven't gone that far.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Little Bee

Love the cover art. Liked the story. HATED the ending.

It's tough to summarize the book without giving away the entire story. The plot itself is simple, but it is the storytelling that makes the read worthwhile. I read a lot of commentary on the book and liked this insight from Lee Thomas: "The difficulty of discussing this book – proclaimed on the inner flyleaf, no less – stems from Cleave’s knack for intricately timed revelations. Little Bee, a teenage refugee from Nigeria, carries one side of the narrative, young British professional Sarah O’Rourke, the other. Through this split-screen, Cleave tackles the multiple perspectives inherent in any story: someone always stands outside looking in. Perspective equals character, which makes his use of multiple names so interesting. Can a character exchange one set of eyes, one lens through which to view the world, for another? Little Bee offers the possibility of changing paradigms simply by changing names."

I picked this up at Borders, it was a book that they were heavily promoting. It was a quick read and kept me intrigued. However, I was really bothered by the ending and that has tainted my overall feeling on the book. First 95% of the book, B+, last 5% of the book, D.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bad Beginning Good Ending

My morning started a little rough. I didn't sleep well and got up a little later than planned. To console myself over the pouring rain, I decided that I would go tanning after I worked out. So, I got to the gym, ran, lifted, and then got ready to gather my stuff and tan. Major problem, my bag was missing. At first I was confused, then I got ticked. There was nothing of value in the bag - unless you count my dragonfly tanning stickers (thank you Julie). The big issue was that my keys were in the bag and they were now missing. I wandered around looking under people's stuff and checking the garbages. Nothing. I finally had to call Tim to bring my spare key so I could go home. I didn't get to tan, and spent the day stewing about my missing bag. I was so frustrated to think that someone would take my stuff, and probably throw it out when they figured out there was nothing of value. I was even madder to realize that I would have to somehow get a new key and spend the money to replace the key fob for my car. I had been sending all of my bad thoughts toward the person who took my bag. I had just sat down, ready to blog about the thief when I got a phone call form the gym. They said that an 80 year old lady had taken it by mistake and had just returned it. I have no idea how she could have been so confused, but I'm just glad to have it back. The moral of the story, watch out for old ladies. They will take your stuff if given half a chance.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Evacuate the Dance Floor

I heard this song this morning at 5:30 a.m. Since then it will not leave my head. It's not even a good song. I don't even like it. Go away Cascada.
p.s. I have not included a link to the song, video, etc. as I wouldn't want anyone else to be cursed with this music.