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Monday, August 1, 2011

Pioneer Day

I realized that I posted about the race,
But didn't ever download my pictures from the parade.
Fortunately I was the photographer,
After racing, parading, etc., no one needed to see a picture of that.

Pre-Parade, smiles all around.

Seriously handsome boys!

Can you spy the missing tooth?
Hopefully the tooth fairy found it.

The firemen had the hoses out and were squirting kids.
My dad suggested that B go try it, definitely refreshing.

Oh good, I at least took one picture of the actual parade.
Ada thought it was strange that the eagle had hands.
The girl is a smartie.
Grandpa was encouraging everyone to act like monsters.
Clearly he was the scariest of them all.

Gavin kept running out into the road to do a "trick".
He would tell me to take a picture,
Then run back and ask to see the image.
He would laugh, say he was funny, and run back for another pose.

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