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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Jeans at the Gym?

I think I may be missing a new trend at the gym. This morning the woman beside me on the bikes was wearing jeans - I'm not sure how you can even pedal in jeans. The guy behind me on the treadmill was running in jean shorts - they may have been cutoffs. Don't get me wrong, I am a big fan of jeans, but could there be anything less breathable to wear at the gym? I'm assuming that jeans at the gym is not a new trend, just laziness. They come in jeans, work out, and then leave to go about their day. I pity the fool who ends up in sitting by one of these gym jean wearers.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Do You Miss Me?

I am so behind on my postings. I'm sure the collective blogosphere is distraught, anxiously awaiting my next post and pleading for me to get caught up on the events of the B-W family. Actually, I'm not sure anyone other than Julie really keeps track of me so I had to figure out why I feel pressured to stay up to date. This is the only type of journal, scrapbook, memoirs, etc. that I currently maintain, so maybe it is the desire to have a record - for myself. I used to be really consistent about writing in a journal and included photos, ticket stubs, momentos etc. It was a good way for me to keep track of and make sense of my life. After a minor mental break I stopped the journaling as I didn't like to think about and process what was going on in my life. A lot has changed and I am in a much better place now, but I still haven't returned to journaling. Sometimes I miss it. I'm pretty sure that blogging doesn't do a lot to help me make sense of my life, but for the moment, it is at least creating a record.
Upcoming post to look forward to: Onion Days, Bear Lake, Mexico, book review of 1000 White Women and the St. George Marathon. Stay tuned.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hobble Creek Half Marathon

So, it hurt - from start to finish, my time stunk, and I fell apart mentally, nuff said. I seem to have lost my running mojo. If anyone sees it, will you please send it my way - I might need it for the upcoming St. George Marathon.
The best part of the entire mess was spending time with great friends and my super supportive family. Thanks guys for helping me end the event on a better note.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I picked this book up a few months ago when it was a featured book at Barnes & Noble. I finally had a minute to pick it up and was so glad I did.

The synopsis from Barnes and Noble: "For Kelly Corrigan, family is everything. At thirty-six, she had a marriage that worked, two funny, active kids, and a weekly newspaper column. But even as a thriving adult, Kelly still saw herself as the daughter of garrulous Irish-American charmer George Corrigan. She was living deep within what she calls the Middle Place—"that sliver of time when parenthood and childhood overlap"—comfortably wedged between her adult duties and her parents' care. But Kelly is abruptly shoved into coming-of-age when she finds a lump in her breast—and gets the diagnosis no one wants to hear. When George, too, learns that he has late-stage cancer, it is Kelly's turn to take care of the man who had always taken care of her—and to show us a woman who finally takes the leap and grows up."
The book alternates between chapters outlining the current experiences of Corrigan and her family, and flashbacks to various, significant events in her life. The style really works and gives a lot of insight into how she lives her life currently, and deals with the challenges of cancer. I absolutely loved her dad - I can't imagine who wouldn't. Everyone should have someone like George Corrigan in their lives, someone to encourage and support, and most of all to love unconditionally. The book made me want to be more like that to the people with whom I interract.
If you want more information on Corrigan and the book, check out her website, There is a video clip of her reading an excerpt where she describes the drama of wanting a pair of Guess jeans. Oh the memories. I enjoyed seeing her personality - she was exactly what I would have expected and someone I would want to be friends with.
Grade: A

Friday, September 4, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance

First of all I want to point out that I finally figured out how link in a youtube post. Impressive.
Anyway, this post is not about my newly acquired posting skills, it is about my lack of dancing skills. I am slightly obsessed with this clip from So You Think You Can Dance. I am amazed by people who can dance with such emotion. I am jealous of people who can just move, who dance naturally and without inhibition. If you have ever seen my nephew Tad move, you know what I am talking about. If I could pick a talent that I didn't receive in abundance it would be to be able to dance - really dance. What about you? What talent would you choose?