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Saturday, February 28, 2015

Dinosaur Museum

Saturday morning I decided that I wanted to take the kids to Thanksgiving Point to see the dinosaur museum.  By the time we got breakfast, everyone dressed, and a few treats packed, both kids were lying on the floor screaming and I about decided just to put them to bed and forget the adventure. Instead, I took a deep breath, loaded them in the car, and headed out.  Definitely a great choice.  The last time we went there Luke was about Ruby's age and was so much more fun to watch today.  He was fascinated with all of the dinosaur bones, especially the ones with teeth and the largest of the skeletons.  I loved experiencing it through his eyes as he ran from place to place showing me the best parts.  Ruby's favorite part seemed to be when she got out of her stroller and played with the toy dinosaurs. Sometimes I wish I could get in her head, I can only imagine her reactions to everything she was seeing.  The entire way home Luke kept telling me that the dinosaur museum was so fun, and that he loved it.  Definitely a fun afternoon with my babies.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Love Is More Than Just a Game For Two

Growing up my mom never liked to make a very big deal over Valentines day.  She always said that we should show our love to people every day.  Agreed.  However, I do like having a day to focus on those we love.  Lately Luke has started talking about "our family".  Any time he sees a picture of us he gets excited and wants to name everyone in our family.  When I started this blog several years ago it was just me.  I was happy and had a great life, but I am so grateful to have added so much more love (and a little crazy) to my world.  Our family = love.

Everyone says how much fun it is to dress little girls, probably because it is true.  Nothing better than Miss Ruby and a little pretty in pink to get into the holiday spirit.

When I woke up very early Valentines morning, this was the first thing I saw.  Tim's thoughtful gift definitely started the day off right.

Why was I up so early?  Oh, just a little Valentines run with this cute one.  She had to work early and convinced me that we should run early.  Of course we both dressed in our best Valentines running gear.  Jesse brought me a ginger shot and I'm not sure what kind of magic was in it, but I had a fabulous run and got home about the time everyone was waking up.

The babies and I went to Barnes and Noble for a special Valentines story time.  They read a really cute Elmo story, complete with a puppet which the kids loved.  After the story, they colored Valentines, then played with the train set.  I loved having the afternoon just to hang out with my babies.

Jesse had agreed to babysit the kids and I was super excited about a night out with Tim.  However, about the time we were getting ready to go, out plans took a little bit of a detour.  Ruby had been slightly feverish for two days but then woke up from her nap with a really high fever.  We called the doctor and they said she needed to be seen - besides, I would have been too worried to leave her home.  So, we ran to the mall to do a quick exchange and then spent most of the evening in the doctor's office.  No serious infection, but she did have a breathing treatment for bronchitis.  Tim took care of dinner with takeout from Outback and we salvaged the night with dinner and TV on the couch.  Maybe not the intended plan, but I really was just grateful to have a day with my loves.

With all the chaos, I realized that I didn't get a single picture of Tim and I, so here is a throw back to a favorite.

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Little Mermaid 2015

When Tad was in elementary school he used to call and tell me about all the girls that would gather around him at recess because he would sing and dance for them.  Who knew that he was such a star in the making..... As soon a I heard that his high school would be doing The Little Mermaid for their play this year, I knew that Tad would be perfect for the part of Prince Eric.  I only hoped his director would agree. With a lot of hard work he got the part and started the months of practices.  I had originally decided that I wouldn't be able to go - too close to Mexico and I didn't want to leave the babies again.  But the more I thought about missing seeing him in such a great role, the more I tried to figure it out a way to make it work.  Thankfully Tim was very supportive and encouraged me to go, and I decided to take Ruby so we could have a little girls trip.  Mostly I was excited for my family to see her since she had grown and changed so much.  She has been sick a lot in the past few months and then threw up repeatedly two nights before we were supposed to leave.  Reluctantly, I decided to leave her home so she could rest and get better.

Ruby was so excited to wear her mermaid outfit to show Tad.

There is always time for a striped selfie at the airport.

We flew in on Thursday night and landed about 45 minutes before opening night.  Julie was waiting for us at the airport and we somehow crammed five people and all of our luggage into the car, sped through traffic, and made it just in time to see the beginning of the play.  And from the moment it started, it was amazing.  We were so completely impressed with the talent, the staging, the talent,and of course, Tad.  He had some really tough songs, mostly solos and was really great.  At the end of his toughest song I looked around and me, my mom and Jess were all crying.  It was so fun to watch him do so well.  He even had a big dance number where he looked super smooth.  We saw the play four times while we were there and were actually sad to see the final curtain go down.  I think the songs may be permanently stuck in my head.

One of the best parts of the play was watching all of the kids - for them it was pure magic.  Tad was especially cute with the littlest fans - I'm pretty sure many girls went home that night dreaming of Prince Charming.  

Flotsam and Jetsom cruised around on heelies and were so fun to watch.
I knew Luke would love seeing pictures of the sea snakes.

Tad was lucky to have so much family support.

We didn't have a lot of free time while we were there, but of course we made time for a family run. Some of my best runs ever have happened in The Mound.  Something about the elevation, being on vacation, and of course, Sean's encouragement.  Truly one of the highlights of the trip. (PS I'm not sure where dad was when we were taking our selfie....must have left us in his dust)

Sunday, February 15, 2015

January in Review 2015

Somehow January came and went and before I realized, it's mid-February.  I am trying to get better at recording events as they happen, but I have loved these monthly catch ups as a reminder of what we have been doing.

Lately we seem to take more and more "selfies".  The babies are not very cooperative when it comes to sitting still for a picture.  But I discovered that if I turn the camera around, they love to look at themselves.  It may not be the exact perspective I would choose, but at least we get the shot.

Luke absolutely loves to go play with the friends (daycare at the gym).  Every morning he asks when it is time to go.  With costumes like this, who wouldn't have a great time.  

Show me your muscles!

At the very beginning of January, before the kids went back to school, we went to The Museum of Natural Curiosity.  It was us and nearly all of Utah County.  I'm not even quite sure all the activities they have available because it was sooo crowded.  We did find a few activities though with some space and the kids had a great time. 

Tim and Taylor met us for burgers and shakes after the museum. 

Brycen is no longer a kid.....we have another teenager in the family.
He loved the globe he got for his 13th birthday.

Luke and I had a great time doing color collages.
For about a month he wore his mittens all day and everywhere.
I'm glad I got a picture to remember. 

Along with the mittens he has a complete obsession
With superheros, we have pajamas, shirts, lamps, backpacks, and capes.

Dinner with the boys.

While I worked one day, 
Tim and the kids all went to the aquarium.
Luke loved the fish.

They looked so cute in their church clothes,
I just wanted one good shot.
Zero cooperation.

Luke was so happy to have a mustache like dada

My world!