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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bring On The Celebrations

In our family we believe in celebrating a birthday as many times as possible. It had been a few weeks, but Sunday we had one last official celebration for Ada and Tim's twinner birthdays. Oh, you noticed that there appear to be two extra kids blowing out the candles? We also believe in letting anyone under the age of 20 help with the candles, no matter whose birthday. Of course my mom used trick candles, so there were plenty of chances.

Ada has been a fashion queen since she could talk. For the past few years I have bought her a new outfit for her birthday and she has ended up wearing it for the first day of school. Apparently she now considers this tradition and was very concerned that I would not come through and she would be left wearing rags on the first day. Ada, how could you doubt me. When I saw the boots they pretty much screamed your name and the outfit followed. I pretty sure that I never rocked the first day of school like Ada does.

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