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Monday, June 29, 2009

The Rehearsal

Sunday we had the entire family together for Gavin's blessing, family pictures, and the best part, lots of good family bonding. I had been a little stressed about the ceremony and the fact that there were only a few of us who had ever even seen a wedding ceremony, let alone been a part of one. We took advantage of the time and opportunity and had our own rehearsal.

Sean got to be the judge - must have been the black shirt.
I appear to be telling everyone what to do - shocking!
Looks like the boys were getting bored.
Taylor stepped in to set us all straight.
Practicing the processional was a hoot.
Can you see the concentration on Brycen's face as he tried to walk properly.

Erika tried making a grass bouquet, but it wasn't too effective.

I got emotional just practicing the walk through with my dad.

Bachelorette Party Dos

Saturday (the 13th), all my family was finally here so we left the boys home, and went out on the town. This was a much more typical girls party, no exercise involved. First up was pedicures It was great, Jami found a place that could take care of everyone at once. When we were done, everyone's feet looked fabulous.

My mom and Erika, oh that's Gavin in the front on Hailey's lap.

Jesse and me. Doesn't she look like she could be mine

Of course Ada was one of the girls and part of the party.

Pizza Factory for Dinner - Julie is a new and major fan.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little Red Riding Hood

When most girls have a bachelorette party, it means going somewhere exciting, maybe some spa treatments, and generally a lot of shopping, eating great food and staying up way too late. So here is why I love my girls so much; for our "bachelorette party" we did a 100 mile bike ride. The exotic location was Wellsville Utah and the food included a lot of bagels, powerade, pretzels and for me, lots of Gu. We may have done a little shopping, but it was all bike gear from the sponsors and vendors. I think that we were in bed by 10:00 p.m. because we had an early morning and a hard ride ahead. But don't let any of the details make you think we had anything but a fabulous time. We laughed so hard, and had so much fun. The girls brought some surprise gifts and Susan even made me a veil for my helmet. Oh, and the ride? Super windy, a little rough at times, but it was beautiful and rewarding and I think we will be back next year. We will have to find another excuse to celebrate (shouldn't be too difficult with these girls)

The night before at the expo and luau.

It was a really early morning, and seriously cold.

All of the other riders absolutely loved my "veil". It made the ride so much fun.

Kristina, Ssan, Aislinn and me.

Some of my favorite crazies.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Behind the Scenes

My mom took some great candids while Jami was working. Seeing the photos reminds me of how much fun we had during the shoot. Thanks Jami for your patience and amazing eye, thanks Jarin for taking care of the furniture and the babies, and thanks mom for being a part of it all.

More Shower Photos

Here are some photos from the family shower at my Aunt Marlene's house. Family support is so awesome.

Tim's mom Gayle, Aunt Donna, Sister Shauna, and nieces Kaitlynn and Jordan

Jami, my cousins Lorelle and Lacey and my Aunt Leonda

My cousins Sherry and Carol (on the couch), and cousins Suzi, Taylor, Danielle, Aunt Marlene, and cousins Caralee, Michelle and Maddie

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Tim and I went to get our marriage license today. As a FYI to those of you thinking about getting a license, make sure you are fully committed. There is a big sign that lets you know there are "no refunds". Anyway, the couple in front of us were clearly classying up the joint. She was wearing what appeared to be camo pajama pants, and was at least seven months pregnant. While filling out the paperwork they asked the clerk if it was common to have cousins try to marry one another. It seems like every time I go into a government building, I come out feeling much better about myself.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wedding Showers

So one of the great things about getting married is that people give you showers. By way of explanation for the guys, or the girls without friends, this means that someone throws a party for you to celebrate the occasion. They can be somewhat awkward at times and are known for goofy games, but, they can also be a lot of fun. Luckily, mine were the fun kind. Food, presents, and lots of socializing. I had two with work girls - current and past, as well as showers with friends from Santaquin, family, and friends from high school.

Our good friend Charlene had a shower in her backyard - the decorations were amazing. She invited a lot of women that I grew up with, friends of my parents, former young women leaders, and neighbors. It was really nice to catch up with them all. Thanks Charlene for a fun night.

I haven't seen some of my high school friends for a long time. It was great to be together and talk, laugh, and gossip. Thanks Melissa for getting everyone together.