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Sunday, August 27, 2017

All I Ever Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten

My boy is five years old, going to kindergarten, and ready to conquer the world.  Ever since preschool graduation, Luke has been talking about kindergarten and counting down the days until he could start school.  He is such an enthusiastic learner and so eager to please that we've known that school would be such a fantastic adventure for him.  Over the past few weeks we have been getting ready, new clothes, new back pack, and finally a new haircut which he absolutely loves.

Kindergarten has its own back to school open house the night before the first official day of class. We had met Luke's teacher, Mrs. Arney, a few days earlier at his assessment and Luke was so excited that she would be his teacher.  He just kept telling me how nice she is and how much she liked him.  At the open house, Luke loved showing Tim and Ruby around his classroom, and especially introducing them to his new teacher.  We were able to meet a few friends in his class and see where he would sit.

After the open house we went to The Brick Oven to have a celebration dinner.  Luke said that he wanted pizza and I thought it would be a perfect place because I have so many memories of going there with my parents to celebrate birthdays and other special events.  We talked a lot at dinner about school starting  and how happy we were for all of Luke's good choices.  Of course, we had to finish the dinner with M&M cookies to complete the celebration.  When we got home Tim gave Luke a blessing to help him feel confident and ready for school.  Luke is so sweet because he kept thanking Tim for giving him such a nice blessing.  We finally made it to bed with big dreams for the next day.

I have had a really hard time with the idea of Luke starting school, and have done everything possible to will time into slowing down just a little.  It is so heartbreaking for me to feel one phase of our lives ending and Luke now being part of the big school world.  I know how critical it is for him to learn, and grow, and have new experiences, but I wish I could just keep him in our safe little bubble for a little while longer.  I have really tried to be so excited for Luke and not let him know how hard his starting school has been for me because really - it shouldn't be about me.  So, on the morning of his first day as a kindergartener, I had a good cry on my own, then hurried home mid morning to be a part of his first big day.  By the time I got home, he was already dressed - he had been begging Tim since he woke up to put on his new school clothes - so we fixed his hair, and went outside to take some pictures. The day was so exciting that Luke was happy to smile big for the camera. 

We are lucky to live so close to the school and Luke was determined to ride his bike beginning day one.  As he sped off on his bike and Tim and I chased behind, begging him to slow down, I laughed and what an appropriate metaphor it was for the place we were in our lives - Luke so excited to grow up and Tim and I wishing we could hang onto our baby a little longer. 

We arrived quite early which left plenty of time to play, make one last trip to the bathroom, and take a picture with Luke's friend Katie who is in his class.  When it was time to say goodbye, he gave a big hug and a wave and happily left to be with his class.  School has been in for a few days and his excitement over kindergarten and Mrs. Arney haven't even begun to dull.  Luke loves everything about it and tells me he is one of the best (behaved) kids in the class.  We are so excited for the school year and can't wait to hear every last detail of the fun. 

Friday, August 25, 2017

Wedding Bells

We have had two weddings to attend in the last two months and the kids have pretty much been in heaven.  They both love parties and weddings always have the best of the party atmosphere.  They love the chance to pick out a special outfit to wear and are always the most impressed by the beauty of the brides. The first wedding was extra special because it was their cousin Jordan who they both adore.  Jordan is the sweetest girl and has always impressed me with how she treats others.  She and Dave are great together and we absolutely loved the chance to celebrate with family.  The reception was at The Lion House and the backyard gardens were stunning - we took so many photos with the flowers.  Tim and I especially loved being part of the ceremony at the Mt. Oquirrh Temple

One silly picture then one sweet, that's our deal.

Grandma sandwich

Everything is better with the big kids

Kelsey and Alex had the best party to celebrate their wedding and the barn where they held it in Payson was the perfect location.  Kelsey's mom and Jami are besties and Kelsey has basically been adopted in for Sunday dinners.  After watching her and Alex's relationship develop, it was fantastic to be a part of their big day.  We somehow missed out on pictures with the bride and groom, but promise they both looked stunning.

Ruby and Juniper were ready to catch the bouquet.

This love is my absolute favorite!

Oh how this girl loves her daddy!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Happy Birthday Tim

The kids ad I have been so exited to celebrate Tim's birthday.  He really is an amazing husband, dad, friend and is pretty much our superman, so we love any opportunity to let him know how much he means to us.  We started the morning with strawberries and waffles and plenty of songs and birthday paddles from Luke.  We had spent a long time at the store letting Luke and Ruby choose presents and they could hardly wait for him to discover the new treasures.  Somehow I missed photos of his gifts but they included M&Ms, bug and ant spray, and new drinking glasses.  Amazing!

I've given some dud gifts in the past but was super excited for this year because I knew my gift would be a hit and it definitely was.  He has to wait a little while to enjoy it but next month we are headed to Arizona to see U2 in concert.  We can't wait to enjoy his gift.

Later that night were were able to meet up with the big kids and Tim's parents for dinner at Cafe Rio. Tim's mom was sweet and brought a cake and we sang to Tim twice to make sure the birthday was really official.

While we were eating a storm rolled in and out and left the most amazing double rainbow.  I think it was a perfect way for Tim to end his birthday.

Tim's actual birth date might have been over, but we weren't done celebrating.  A few days later we had a babysitter (thanks mom) so we took advantage and had dinner at Market Street Grill.  The dinner was amazing and everything a birthday dinner should be.  

And finally....birthday dinner at my parents.  Tim and Ada are birthday twins so they always get to have an extra celebration together.  Hopefully they both had the happiest of birthdays.