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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Decadence of Mexico

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Home Sweet Mexico

Julie and I spent last week in Mexico.

We were lucky and had Jesse with us for a short time.
Next time Jesse, stay longer please.

Oh how I love the Mayan Riviera



Loved meeting Pablo and Nayeli




Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm Crazy About These Kids

I am completely crazy about my babies. One of the highlights of my week is Sunday nights when we get to play. Miles loves to wear shoes that belong to anyone but him. Sunday I went out in my pajamas and boots, so of courseI think the look worked for him.

Once Ada saw that photos were being taken, she had to put on the boots and have her turn. The girl loves the camera, and of course, the feelings are mutual.

Ada is really into knock knock jokes. She tells the jokes and everyone laughs, including Miles. Her current favorite goes like this:

Ada:Knock Knock

Me: Who's there

Ada: Your mama

Me: Your mama who:

Ada: Seriously, it's your mama, let me in.

I'm not sure why that one is her favorite, but it is hysterical to see her tell the joke.

Because he thinks he is such a big boy, Miles will also participate in the joke telling:

Me: Knock knock

Miles :Who's there (or something that sounds kind of like that)

Me: Boo

Miles: Boo Hoo

Me: You don't have to cry about it

Then he laughs and cheers.

Knock knock jokes with toddlers, priceless.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Heisman Trophy Winner?

Imagine this
In ten years

Not quite as cute as Tad, but close.

Sorry you had a rough game Sam.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


I do realize how past due this post is, but I didn't want everyone to miss out on the big news. I don't want it to sound like my happiness is dependant on presents, but I got a pretty great one. Tim surprised me with something that I've wanted, something shiny..........................a new camera! It's true, I have really joined the technology age and will now be able to post fabulous pictures like these.
Nothing like a great self-photo, right?

The new camera captured a great moment with the babies. Ada got Sleeping Beauty for Christmas and spent most of the day inviting anyone and everyone to watch it with her. Tim and I finally gave in. It was much more fun to all share one chair.

We had a fantastic Chrismas with a lot of family time, hanging out, playing with the babies, and way too much food and Diet Coke, and of course, guns - what else would make Christmas complete?
It was really cold and really snowy!
Hailey went for the stylish look, I went for warmth.

Tim said that he still loved me, even with plastic bags on my boots.
There may have been a few Napoleon Dynamite Jokes at my expense though.

Tim and Hailey looking super cool!

It may look like I'm smiling, but this gun kinda scares me.

No worries, I didn't let that hamper my sweet shooting skills.