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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Easter 2014

I always think Easter is a little confusing because it is never on the same date or week.  Over the years it has often fallen on or near my birthday which is what happened this year.  Tim booked us a trip to St. George to celebrate both.  St. George is the perfect getaway - far enough to be considered a vacation but manageable for a quick trip.  Friday night we went out to dinner then were happy to head to the hotel and let the babies be free of car seats and high chairs.  Luke and Tim went swimming and Ruby and I were content to relax in the room.  Saturday morning we busted out the double jogger and hit the Virgin River trail for a run/walk. When we were finished we drove up to "Dixie Rock".  When we first got out of the car Luke was mad that we wouldn't let him take his ball and had to be coaxed to go explore.  As soon as he discovered there were unlimited rocks to throw, everything was fine in his world.  Baby girl was happy to just be along for the ride.

I might have snuck away to do a little shopping while the babies napped.  Saturday night we headed down to the pool where Luke was excited to show off his swimming skills.  This was Ruby's first time swimming and she loved it.  The water in the big pool was a little too cold so we stayed in the hot tub.  I think I'm going to have to find a suit with a little more coverage for this whitey baby.  

Sunday morning we woke the babies early and headed out in search of a church to attend.  I'm pretty sure we earned double blessings for that one.  It took two tries and required four trips out of sacrament meeting due to crying kids.  But, I really wanted to go on Easter Sunday and I enjoyed the few moments that I heard.

Lucky us, the Easter Bunny knew that we were in St. George and left some surprises at the hotel.  The baskets were a hit.  Luke has carried the frog around all week, he loves to fill it with all his treasures.

After a very long ride home - no naps and lots of screaming - we were thrilled to be at grandma's house to join the rest of the family in celebrating.  Luke was much more excited about hunting for eggs this year, but mostly because he loved throwing the eggs.  He did become a little more interested once he figured out they had candy but still thought they were great to play with.  Luckily the Easter Bunny brought all plastic eggs this year.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Luke Two Years Old

Two years ago our lives were changed forever and we couldn't be more grateful.  This boy......he is funny and strong willed and smart and particular and loving and oh so sweet.  Most days I can hardly believe that he's mine.  We feel so incredibly blessed to have had him in our lives for the past two years.  I remember life without him, but I like it a whole lot better now that he's ours. Luke has begun to develop such a distinct little personality.  We absolutely love the part he plays in our family.  He has become super attached to Tim and often cries when he leaves.  He adores his baby sister - the first thing he want to do in the morning is go and find her.  He gets so excited when he gets to spend time with the big kids, following them around and showing off his greatest treasures.  For me, there is no better part in the day than when I walk in and can hear him yelling mama. He is talking more, in addition to mama, dada, and of course ball, he says moon, more, no, mine.  I can't wait to see more of his personality as his communication improves.  He definitely knows what he wants, whether it's food, toys, shoes, a particular story, etc.  We have had more than a few melt downs when I either couldn't figure out exactly what he wanted or just wouldn't give it to him.  

Luke has become a little more diverse in what he will eat: apples, fish, figs, yogurt, but often still has to be coaxed to eat and sadly gets way too many of his calories from Cliff bars and pretzels. Our toy basket has taken over the corner of our living room - at least half of all the toys he has are balls, and still gets excited over ever new one he gets.  He goes to sleep with at least one ball,  as well as his blankies, sheepie, fire truck, stuffed elephant and whatever other toy caught his eye at bedtime.  If he does wake up in the middle of the night, it is usually because he can't find one of his toys in the dark.  He still goes to bed quite well, but at nap time, it often takes him an hour or more before he actually goes to sleep.  he doesnt cry and usually you can hear him in there babbling or singing.  One of my favorite things is that Luke has started to sing - he does his own version of Twinkle Twinkle and Old MacDonald.  

Luke probably spends more time than he should watching Curious George but he just loves him so much. It's not all TV, we also spend plenty of time reading books about George, he also really loves alphabet books and anything with animals.  He constantly surprises me with how much he knows and can learn already.  He can distinguish most colors and find or point out items if you tell him which color.  He has started to make connections between objects, he got a little plastic frog and then went throughout the house gathering all the books with frogs and any other frog toys.  He's at the stage where I feel like almost every day brings something new for him to learn and enjoy.

Some of the more recent happenings....

I gave in to pressure and took Luke for his second official hair cut.  He did much better this time, thanks to the airplane, a balloon, and several suckers.  It's cute and the girl did a great job, but I kind of miss the shaggy.

Don't worry, it's still long enough to be wild.

We bought this jumper when Luke was four or five months old.  He used it some, but never really loved it.  Ever since we got it out for Ruby, Luke has decided that he now likes it.  He climbs on it to "play" with her and when she's not in it, he gets in and starts jumping.  

Whenever it is Ruby's turn to play in the jumper, Luke always makes sure she has 
plenty of balls to keep her entertained.

Maybe not the very best photo of the two of us, but man this mama loves her boy.

He still really loves his sheepie, he sleeps with him and makes sure he gets a 
drink and a little bit of lunch. 

Luke absolutely loves to be outside.  He likes you to say Ready, Set, Go and he takes off running.  We spend a lot of time going on walks and playing in the yard. When he is inside, he has me pull up the blinds so he can stand by the window and look out, I guess just to remind him what he is missing.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Ruby Six Months

There is no one perfect way to be a good mother...Each mother has different challenges, different skills and abilities, and certainly different children...What matters it that a mother loves her children deeply and, in keeping with the devotion she has for God and her husband, prioritizes them above all else...Elder M. Russell Ballard
It is hard to believe that this little girl has been with us for six months, half a year, a lifetime of love. She continues to be the sweetest little thing and brings so much joy to all of us.  She's had a lot of big events this last month.  At the very beginning of the month we left her when Tim and I got the chance to go to Mexico.  I was super sad to leave her so young, but she seemed to be perfectly happy to be loved on by her grandparents for a week. Since coming back the porta crib has stayed folded up and she has slept in the crib in her room exclusively.  It makes me kind of sad - like we've forced her to grow up too quickly, but honestly I think everyone sleeps better this way.  As far as sleep, she continues to do great, most nights she sleeps about 12 hours with a bottle in the early morning before I go to work.  She usually takes two good naps during the day.
We were surprised a few days ago to discover that she has cut her first tooth.  It has barely broken through the skin but may be an explanation for her non stop drooling.  I don't know if it is at all related, but she just has no interest in solids - whenever we try she ends up with more on her bib than in her mouth.
The poor girl has been sick again this month, a lot of snotties and a bought with a high fever.  The fever resulted in a catheter because the doctor was worried about a urinary tract infection.  That was pretty awful to watch but we were relieved that they didn't find anything seriously wrong.
In terms of developmental milestones, she has rolled over a few times - the first with grandpa while we were out of town.  She has done it a few times since, right now she can only get from her back to her front, then is stuck. She does not like tummy time but can definitely keep her head up and look around while on her belly.  Ruby is getting close to sitting, with a little help she can sit for a short time before slowly tipping - usually in a front bend.

Sweet baby girl is super ticklish
That may have lead to this laughter.

The girl has found her toes!

She loves to blow bubbles/raspberries which
Definitely adds to the non stop slobber

Oh man, that brother...
Ruby got some new headbands to make it clear she is a girl
She  is finally starting to get some hair -
We're not sure if it is going to be red or blonde but it is definitely light
She loves her bath and is almost getting too big for her little tub.
Over the past few weeks Ruby has gotten really good
At grasping all shapes and sizes of toys, rattles, books, etc.
She gets really upset when she loses a toy and can't
Figure out how to get it back into her hands.
Little sister is getting really strong and sits up great in her bumbo
But has started to try to squirm out
When she sees something more interesting
This month has brought a lot of cousin time - lucky.

We had a fun girls afternoon,
Lunch with friends, shopping, and a stop for a soda
(No worries, she stuck with her bottle)
Ruby is content to play/entertain herself
As long as others are in the room
On this day she didn't want to be left alone
While Tim went to Luke's room to change him
What better place to hang out and keep watch.
The first thing Luke does when he wakes up is
Ask where "baby" is.
He then spends most of his day trying to play with her.
She is so lucky to have a brother so close who
Loves her so much.