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Friday, January 11, 2019

December 2018 Miscellaneous

It's tough to believe that there could be any December activities or events left to document, but there were actually a few happenings during the month that were not related to Christmas, Mexico, or cousins.   December was extra good to us and it's fun to reminisce about all that we did.

Luke played the last few games of the basketball season and ended the year with a medal.  This was really a new experience for most of the boys on the team and they all spent a lot of the time trying to remember not to travel, and taking shots at a basket that seemed impossibly high.  Luke was disappointed that he didn't ever make a basket, but I still think he was glad he had the chance to play.

No particular significance, just makes me happy

The first big storm of the year and the kids were obsessed

They spent the next several days playing outside

Sundays at Grandmas are always a great time,
Even when you have to sit in the tub to eat your Fun Dip

Luke absolutely loves school and we love all that he is learning

While we were in Mexico, the grandmas made sure everyone was entertained

We all just love Penelope like she was our own

This is how you know your kids really, really want a new dog....every time we go into Old Navy the run over to greet the mascot dog and beg for me to take pictures of them with their puppy.  They have a solid plan, it does pull at my heart strings, but sorry kids, we're still not ready for a new dog.

We were so lucky to be with Brycen this year to celebrate his birthday.  As soon as he woke up Luke and Ruby were ready to help him open presents, and we all loved having birthday breakfast together.  I had to have gum surgery later that day so our celebrations were cut a little short, but Taylor took Brycen out and they made sure to eat plenty of sushi for the occasion.  

Oh the gum surgery....I had to have grafts with tissue taken from the roof of my mouth, and the entire process has been rough.  Luckily I was out for the actual procedure and spent the next few days sleeping and trying to ice my mouth.  Tim took such good care of me and even woke me up in the middle of the night to make sure I stayed on schedule with my medication.  Luke and Ruby were so concerned about me. The funny thing is that I don't remember these pictures being taken, but I do remember the kids checking on me and making sure to give me plenty of loves.

The love of the Lego table is still going strong

Luke has been looking forward to Drake's birthday party all month and loved that it was at a place to build and play with Legos.  There were some last minute cancellations so Ruby got invited which was so exciting for her.  They both loved the party and had so much fun building with friends.

Ruby got Operation for Christmas
No matter the age, it is still a little tricky to play

After so many busy days, a lazy Sunday was totally necessary

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Mexico - December 2018 - Parte Dos

After a few full days of travel and excursions, we all arrived at the Iberostar resort tired and hungry.  The staff was fantastic and helped us get all of our reservations resolved as quickly so we could get to our rooms and start exploring.  The boys were super excited about the all inclusive features and couldn't wait to try out the buffet so we headed there first.  After dinner we wandered around the resort for awhile, showing the kids the pools, the beach, and the activity and shopping center.  We have not ever been to Mexico at Christmas time and I couldn't believe all of the lights and decorations.  I'm not sure why it was so surprising to see everything so festive, but we all loved it. 

The next morning we all slept in, then eventually made it to the beach - pure paradise.  Over the next several days we moved between the palapas, the kayaks, the pool bar, and swimming in the ocean.  We had plenty of time for walks along the shore where we collected shells and coral.  There was plenty of sun, food, and drinks, and we were all able to squeeze in a few afternoon naps.  We had an awesome time together and could hardly believe how quickly our time passed.

Back to the beach with his metal detector

Probably my favorite shot of the trip

We love a good pier for posing

We laughed too hard at our Santa Selfies on the beach

Tim and Brycen spent so much time swimming in the ocean

I love to stretch the day as long as possible

No idea how many pictures I have of this pier,
And it's still my favorite!

We had an incredible tempanyaki dinner

We took a bike tour and learned so many new things about the resort

We even got to stop at the lobby of the fancy hotel next door

While waiting for the bikes we found the shooting range

Oh the kayaking, still one of my favorite activities.  We did have a few casualties this year.  The surf made it tough to land on the beach and on the first day Tim rolled in his kayak,cut up his head and lost his nice sunglasses.  The next day Erika rolled in hers and ended up losing her real glasses.  Oops

I did join the guys for one early morning to see the sunrise

The views are always serene and stunning

Erika and Andreas left a day early and we were so sad to say goodbye

Soaking up the sun and sea on our last day

A few final pics

I think these two are going to miss each other.