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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Easter 2018

Easter has become one of my favorite holidays - I love the traditions, the symbolism, and of course, any excuse to spend extra time with my family.  This year the kids got to wear their Easter clothes a week early because we had General Conference on Easter Sunday.  Luke was especially excited about his new outfit because the shirt had short sleeves.  Ruby was just happy to have something pretty.  



We tried to spend time in the week leading up to Easter talking about the resurrection and the real reason we celebrate.  The kids were pretty good and knowing the right answers, but when it came down to it, they really just wanted to color Easter eggs and get ready for the Easter Bunny. 

Sunday morning both Luke and Ruby woke up extra early and said they couldn't sleep because they were so excited about the Easter Bunny.  We had such a fun hunt with the two of them - I love watching their complete joy and excitement over some plastic eggs and the promise of a bigger surprise.  They were both so happy when they finally found their baskets and it was magical watching them discover each treat and present.  They were both so excited about new summer clothes.

The cutest little Easter Bunny ever!

Sunday afternoon we headed down to Santaquin to hunt with Grandpa and Grandma and the cousins.  This is always the most fun.  This year Jami did Bunny Money in a lot of the eggs, and several had instant challenges that had to be completed before finding more eggs.  When it was all over the kids could use their money to shop at the Easter store to pick out their own prizes.  All of the cousins had so much fun together and really watched out for each other.  It was the best way to end all of our Easter activities.  

Ninja kicks and rollovers were part of the challenges

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

March Miscellaneous 2017

March was a good month for us...lots of fun adventures, more sunny days than snow days, and plenty of family time.  It feels like we are on the downhill slide to summer and I can hardly wait.

Ruby was happy to celebrate Dr. Seuss' birthday.

Lunchtime at the zoo

We all feel really good about all of the sunshine
Spring cannot come quickly enough


Luke and his buddies have become completely obsessed with Beyblades and it is about the only thing they want to play currently.  Luke writes stories about them, dreams about new Beyblades, and of course, lives for a good battle.   I don't really get it, but I love how much they love it. 

The kids were so excited about St. Patrick's Day this year.  They made leprechaun puppets, stories, drawings, and games.  Their very favorite part was making sure they were dressed in plenty of green. 

Taking advantage of a date night.

We all love when Sean comes to town!

Sunny afternoons with Brycen

War wounds, turns out running down a gravel hill can be tough on the knees.

A routine check up at the ear doctor turned into a much longer appointment than planned.  Luke's ears are doing great and the doctor was happy with how well they have continued to heal.  Unfortunately, Ruby has continued to have ear infections, sinus infections, and every cold seems to turn into some type of infection.  The doctor did a pressure test that showed her eustachian tubes are blocked and full of fluid. We have a follow up appointment in six weeks and depending on how she is doing then, the doctor may recommend repeat tubes, as well as taking out her tonsils and adenoids.  I hate to have her go through so much, but I worry about her being so sick all of the time...I guess we will see soon.

Each year on March 26th my friend Kimi and her family honor her son Ethan who died, they call it Errands for Ethan.  I have done various activities and projects to participate but this year was my favorite because we involved the whole family.  I talked to everyone about Ethan and how we could help remember and honor him by being kind to others.  The kids drew pictures and wrote Easter cards to Joshua Cook and Sarah Nye, their cousins that are serving missions.  I hope receiving the cards make the missionaries happy - it was definitely a fun experience for us to write them. 

Spring soccer has begun and we are all so happy about it.  This is Ruby's first chance to play and I loved watching her confidence on the field.  She doesn't have the skills of some of the older kids, but she's pretty tenacious and was happy to run around with the crowd.  

Luke is on a team with several friends and they played great together.  They don't officially keep score, but Luke knew who was "winning" at all points in the game.  This should be an awesome season and we can't wait to spend our afternoons and Saturdays at the fields.  

We loved having Ethan and Rebecca over to play. 

Ada, Miles and Gavin were in a performance of Willy Wonka and completely stole the show with their great roles.  I loved watching them, but Luke and Ruby were completely obsessed.  As soon as Miles came out on the stage Luke started waving and was so excited to watch his cousins on stage.  They have been talking about the funny parts and singing Oompa Loompa ever since.