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Sunday, October 14, 2018

Park City, September 2018

So I'm a few weeks behind at posting.  I would like to be able to get everything recorded and posted in real time but somehow life keeps getting away from me.  Playing catch up actually kind of fun though because I get to go back and re-live some of the fun times we have had over the past several weeks.  Since the time the kids were babies, Park City has been one of our favorite places to spend time.  We have so many great memories there and a few weeks ago we had the chance to spend the weekend and make even more with Grandpa and Grandma Whitesides.  From the minute we checked in, the kids found the kids camp area and the fun began immediately. 

Air Hockey is a recent favorite for Luke and Ruby and they were especially excited when they found out they could play as many games as they wanted for free.  It didn't take long before they had convinced Grandpa and Grandma to join the fun.

One of the activities in the kid's center was making slime. I'm a mean mom who never wants them to make these kinds of messes at home, so it was a perfect activity.  They loved making and then playing with their very own slime.

We spent time walking around main street and went to dinner at The Bridge Cafe.  The weather was perfect, the views were spectacular, and we had the best time just hanging out watching the kids play.

No matter where we stay, the swimming pool is always the main attraction.  We weren't actually at the hotel for very long, but we managed to get in a few sessions at the pool and hot tub. And if swimming in a pool is a good time, watching a movie while in the pool is pure perfection.

We paused long enough to search out the moose mascot.

And hang out with the funny balloon guy

The morning that we left, there was a fundraiser food fair on the paths in front of our hotel.  We were not official participants, but still had a great time hanging out and enjoying the festivities.  

Better than the activities, we just had a great time spending time together.  The kids played games and begged for stories from Grandma and I loved watching how much they all enjoyed each other.

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Back to PreSchool

Ruby had such a great year going to preschool with Mrs. Fox last year school.  She has been sad that Mrs. Fox isn't teaching this year but was still super excited to go back to school with everyone else. After talking to a lot of people in our area to get recommendations, then patiently waiting on a wait list to get her in, we started her at Mrs. Stephanie's preschool on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  We went to an open house to see her school and then she officially started class the day after Labor Day.  Ruby was more than ready.  While shopping with Luke for his school supplies Ruby had found the most perfect backpack and I couldn't figure out any way to propose.  I mean unicorns, rainbows and emojis - nothing better for this emoji loving girl.  The night before school started she laid out her outfit, shoes and backpack so she would be ready for her class that started at noon.  When the time finally arrived to leave for preschool Ruby knew exactly which photos she wanted to be taken and showed me the best way to pose.  I asked her if she was nervous and she told me no, that she was just excited to meet new friends and that people love to be friends with her.  Looks like it is going to be a pretty great year.  I wish my words and pictures could fully capture the magic of my Ruby, but trust me, she is pure magic.

Ruby always begs for a silly face shot. 

She made this beaded braid to put in her hair for the occasion.

Finally arrived.

After all of the excitement of starting preschool with Mrs. Stephanie, Ruby actually got to do it again with the Provo High Baby Bulldogs.  When they were building the high school across the street, someone suggested that we enroll Ruby in their little preschool.  We talked about the fact that it would mean she would attend preschool five days a week, but decided that she would actually love all of the interaction and learning.  All summer long she had told everyone she meets that she gets to go to Provo High and be a baby bulldog.  These classes didn't start until the first of October to give the students time to get all of the lessons planned.  I wondered if she would be as excited to take pictures and make a big deal over her first day, but turns out that the second time around is just as exciting. Ruby came home from her first day so excited about class and thrilled to be a Baby Bulldog.

Her current favorite pose.

Close enough to ride her bike.