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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Ruby One Year - The Party

I feel a little bad for my kids because I'm really not great at throwing parties.  Our house has a good set up for parties, and I like making the food, but I'm not a very comfortable hostess and no one shows up to see my great theme and decor.  I wished I liked to do the party planning - actually, what I really wish is that someone would do the party planning for me and I could just enjoy what has been created.  So far, the babies haven't seemed to notice or complain but I'm not sure what I'm going to do when they get bigger.
Since we were in St. George on the day of her birthday, we celebrated Ruby's birthday a week later with family and dinner.  Oh, and a really great cake.  I have been using the same lady to make my cakes since Luke's first birthday, and her cakes are the shining star of the party.  Ruby seemed a little overwhelmed for most of the night - she has been so shy lately and I think she couldn't quite figure out all the commotion.  I got a little distracted/flustered and completely forgot to have her open her presents until right before everyone left.  Poor baby.
Luke had more fun than he could have at his own party.  He and all the cousin brothers had their own party going on downstairs with some serious playing.  With the encouragement of Cory and Jarin they all devised some type of jumping from tables to beanbags or something similar that I really don't want to know about.  Luke spent about a half hour crying when they all left because he wanted to keep playing.
We had a great night and really were just so grateful to have everyone with us to celebrate our girl.

The People

The Cake


The Presents

And this is how an overly tired boy looks when he finally crashes.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Ruby One Year

"Being a mother is not abut what you gave up to have a child, but what you've gained from having one."

Being the mama to this little one for the past year has given me more than I thought possible.  Every month I have said how quickly time was passing, but I've just resigned myself to feel like my babies are growing up way faster than I would like.  I miss the infant stages, but seeing her emerging personality has been so much fun.  The girl is a tease.  She loves to take things she think you want and then takes off crawling as quickly as she can - laughing all the way.  She laughs hysterically and does her best to squirm off the table when we are trying to change her.  The cutest thing she started doing is making kissing noises, she is happy to give kisses to her Piggie Pig, her dolly, and sometimes her mom and dad if we are lucky.  Every once in a while she says "mama", but "dada" is definitely her favorite word - she yells and laughs and says it repeatedly.  Surprisingly, with all this personality, she has developed some shyness.  With people she doesn't know well she looks down, avoids eye contact and generally pulls an ostrich impression.  Most of the time thought it doesn't take too much to get her to be friendly.

I think Ruby is finally becoming interested in learning to walk.  She pulls herself up on anything stable and has started walking around the furniture.  If we hold her hands she is willing to walk a few steps but the usually flops to the ground and crawls, acting like walking is just too big of a hassle.  I would just like her to walk so she could stop being  the mop for every floor she encounters.  

This little girl has our hearts and we couldn't be happier to have her in our family.

And just like that....she is a little girl.

Ruby has become super mobile, which often results in some funny predicaments.
She crawled under the bar stool and then couldn't quite figure out how to get out.
Unfortunately, the kitchen has become somewhat of a danger zone.
In addition to the stools, she keeps getting her fingers shut in the same drawer.

Most of the time I love to watch Luke and Ruby interact,
Luke loves to give her hugs and when we go to another room
He yells out, "c'mon Ruby" and makes sure she follows. is not all rainbows and unicorns,
He has a tough time sharing and doesn't quite understand gentle.
I think we may be in for a lifetime of refereeing.

Anytime Ruby can be outside she is a happy girl,
Throw in grandma and an otter pop and her life is pretty much perfect.

I consider her a really health baby, but Ruby has had a few health issues this month.
She developed a bad rash all over her back with no explanation.
Ruby also had another several days of fever, one night 103.8
And another catheter to test for a kidney/bladder infection.
The results were not severe enough to treat, 
But she certainly has had her mama concerned.

Ruby is starting to get really interested in books, 
She pays attention when you read and
Especially likes books with any type of texture she can touch.

This just cracked me up because she looked so intent studying the menu.

I really could take pictures like this almost every night,
Always a funky position, and always with her Piggie Pig.

The girl loves to eat, and will help herself if you aren't quick enough.
These were actually two different times that she somehow 
Reached the yogurt that I left on the counter.
She just looked at me so innocently when I came in 
To find her covered in yogurt.

She's kind of a ham sometimes.

I could have filled the blog with the outtakes from her 12 month shoot,
She had no interest in sitting still, looking at the camera, or making it easy.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

September 2014

We have had a fabulous month, trying to enjoy the last days of sunshine before the winter hits. It seems like everyone is growing up so quickly and sometimes I just want to freeze time and enjoy our current stage.  Since that unlikely, I guess some photos and memories will have to do.

No better way to start off September than to celebrate Onion Days.  I'm not sure how I ended up with so few photos, but I had to include what I have to remember the day.  The kids loved the parade, especially when Ada came by with her clogging group.

Calvin celebrated his 7th birthday in style at Nickelcade.  I wasn't sure if Luke would care much about the party, but he absolutely loved it.  I'm not sure he understood the value of wining tickets, but he definitely loved seeing them come out of the machine.  Grandpa was a pro and helped he and Gavin win enough to cash in for some fun prizes.

It was so much fun that the boys went back a few weeks later for more action.

Lots of time outside.

My boy is getting so big, but he is still willing to spend some time hanging out with his mama.

Ever since Tim and I met, he has been looking at and wishing on jeeps.  After years of looking, he found exactly what he was looking for and is like a kid with a new toy.  The babies love to ride in it and we have already spent a lot of time enjoying the changing scenery.  Here's to years of adventures and jeeping.

Tim and Brycen went to the Scout Camparee in Ogden Canyon.

We celebrated Erika's 17th birthday with sushi!
She got a new camera and I can hardly wait to see all of the great shots she will be taking. 

In addition to fitting in some long runs for the marathon, I've worked hard to get in some long rides so that I could do the Wonder Woman Ride.  I'm not sure most people would call spending all day on a bike a good time, but I thought it was great.  They had a couple of different mileage options and my mom and Jami signed up for the 70 miler.  I wanted to get in 100 so I started early and rode some extra then joined up with the rest of the group.  After a few miles we got separated based on speed and my mom and I were on our own.  I was so proud of her.  The furthest she had ever ridden was 50 miles, so to finish 70 was huge.  When we made it to the finish line, everyone who had finished was there waiting to cheer us on.  I'm so lucky to have such supportive, strong women in my life. 

I guess strong runs in the family.  Sean completed his 39th marathon, in the rain, and got a PR.  Amazing!

Taylor is no longer a teenager.  No better way to celebrate than Pina Colada cake and Dickies.

Some of my favorite shots from Tim's jeeping adventures.