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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I Hate That Stupid Old Pickup Truck

This song popped up on my I-pod this morning and has me wishing for summer (yes I know it is only November. It just brought up such great memories of fun and sun. The kids, and maybe the adults too, spent a lot of time on the boat, and in the truck with the windows down, singing this song loudly and probably off key. Go ahead, give it a try. See, it's feeling warmer already.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who Needs Plastic Surgery...

When you have a photographer who can
make you look like a rock star.

All photos courtesy of the amazinly talented Jami Broadbent anc Click Photography,
find her at

Thursday, November 11, 2010

It Really Wasn't That Long Ago

We went to the Utah State Homecoming parade a few weeks ago. The football team from 1960 (or what was left of it) rode on a float. Some were wearing their orignal jersies. As they came by B and I were waving and one of the guys said to us "It really wasn't that long ago". Later
that night Tim and I went to my high school reunion, maybe my tenth, maybe my twentieth, I'll never tell. It was held at the high school and as soon as I walked in I thought, it really wasn't that long ago. Some of the memories were so distinct and we had a great time laughing at inside jokes, stories and how funny some of the trends were. Most of the girls looked great. We are older and wiser, but most were so much prettier. I think some of that comes from figuring yourself out and then living true to that. Since I'm pretty sure that none of the guys from my high school read my blog can I just say, man they looked bad. Ok, that may be a litle harsh. Great guys but the years haven't been nearly as good to them. Sorry fellas.
Here are some of my favorite girls. See you in another ten years or so.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Price is Right

I stopped at Wal-Mart last night to get some chocolate ice cream and waffle bowls (Tim's request). I didn't want to take in my purse and had cash (which never happens) so I just grabbed a $20 and went into the store. Once inside I decided we probably needed some fruit, more eggs and OJ. We were having breakfast burritos for dinner so I decided to get some salsa. The Walmart brand Garlic and Lime is my favorite salsa, so of course I picked up a few bottles. I made my way to the checkout and was so proud that I had few enough items to go through the express lane. That was until he gave me the total of $28.79. Only then did I remember that I did not have my debit card with me, only the limited cash. So I start the ridiculous process of picking items for him to take off in an attempt to get below the self imposed $20 limit. It was like a really bad episode of The Price is Right. The worst part (of course other than how embarrassed I was as other shoppers waited behind me), was realizing that if I had been on The Price is Right, I would have gone home empty handed and been booed. I was so bad at figuring out what items would get me under the limit, I actually had him dividing up the bananas and taking them off one at a time. So embarrassing.

Thinking about The Price is Right always makes me miss my Grandma and Grandpa Childs. They loved The Price is Right, especially my grandpa. I think Bob Barker ranked right up there with Lawrence Welk. Some of my best childhood memories revolve around watching The Price is Right with them during summer vacation. Usually mom mom had sent us to the garden to weed, but my grandma felt bad for her "poor babies" and would invite us into the house to watch with them. If we were lucky, they would let us stay for The Young and the Restless. Probably best that we didn't really understand all that was going on in that show. Man I miss my grandparents. Grandpa, if you were watching, sorry I was so bad at my pricing skills.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Thought for the Day

My mother in law sent this thought today. It put into words something that I strongly believe.

Try as hard as you can to forget both the past and the
future. Develop the habit of living just one day at a time, and living it to the very limit of your ability, and you will have learned one of the most valuable lessons of your life. Brooding on past hurts or injustices does you no good, and can do you immeasureable harm. What is done is done, and there is no going back. Going forward is the only thing that counts, so act as thought your life had just started from today-- and see how different your attitude will be when you stop living with those ghosts of the past.