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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Jump on It

It was B's birthday. To celebrate, his requests were Jump On It, and Sizzler.
Both were splendid
Plenty of room to run, jump, play.
Ada thinks E is the greatest.
E is sweet to play.
Calvin came all the way from the AZ to join the fun.
The slide was a hit.
T tried teaching Jarin some of his sweet moves. He almost mastered the flip.
Too much fun, B was exhausted.
Baby Gavin, as usual, was just happy to be there.

Christmas 2009

We spent Christmas with family, chillaxing, exactly as it should be. Not a lot of chatter, the pics are pretty self-explanatory.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The Best

People have a lot of names for their close friends, BFF, Peeps, Homies, etc. When it comes to these girls, I just call them the best! We have all been so busy, our Christmas party was the first time we have had a chance to all be together in a long time. There was a lot of cooking, talking and laughing. I wasn't so hot at the cooking, mostly just flitted around and tried to be useful.
Miss T. did the supervising.
Can you see the curry? The spring rolls? Yum!

"Cheers" with pomegranate 7-Up
One of the best treats of the season.

I did all of the cooking the day before.
If you want the recipe, go here - it was delicious.

Monday, December 21, 2009

No One Should Have to See That

Att the gym (of course): Man in the sauna, blue shorty shorts, doing squats. He may have thought the steam would make him invisible, but the glass door provided way too much information.

Sunday, December 20, 2009


So, this Christmas I decided to step it up and make something a little more interesting for Christmas parties. The toughest part of making this trifle was finding the trifle bowl. FYI, I bought the last one at the Orem Target, but the other locations probably still have them in stock. Anyway, it took several steps and half the afternoon, but completely worth it. The trifle tasted every bit as good as it looked.

The boys were excited to sample.

Not sure how to make the link look right, but if you want the recipe, here it is:

Monday, December 14, 2009

Last Christmas

So, on Saturday I was having lunch with E and B in Subway when this song came on. I am not sure what embarassed them more, the fact that I could, and did, sing every word of the song, or when I started to dance. I tried to keep still, but it was impossible. If you are (or were back in the day) a George Michael fan, you will especially like the video at about the 1:56 mark. Enjoy.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cloak of Invisibility?

So, it seems that when people are at the gym (I know, another gym post), they think that they are invisible. Either that or they just don't care that everyone around them can hear/see the intimate details of their life. Exhibit number 1:The girl who brazenly picked her nose not once, but twice. There was no effort to hide it, in fact, she examined everything that she found. I was relieved when I could hear her blowing her nose (on the other side of the gym) and hoped that she got it all. Exhibit number 2:The two girls having a conversation about trying to get pregnant, how many pregnancy tests the one girl had taken, when she had started, etc. This conversation continued as I walked through the gym and into the spin room.
In case you wondered, yes, I can see and hear you!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Winter Wonderland

This post is for those of your who live in locations where they don't have real winter. I wanted to make sure you remembered the joys of winter such as:
This morning when I came home from the gym to find that I had a frozen pipe and NO HOT WATER. Apparently my pipes didn't appreciate the overnight low going below zero. I shouldn't whine because I did get a hot shower at the gym. But I was in sweaty gym shorts and a tank top and freezing my tail off. I am finally warm but remembering that I don't think the temperature should be allowed to go below double digits.
Monday I got to play stay at home mom with three of my favorites, Ada, Miles and Baby Gavin. I had big plans to meet up with my favorite stay at home mom and let the kids run wild while we chatted. When I woke up Monday morning and saw that it had snowed about a foot I was concerned, but figured the snow would stop, the plows would come out and all would be well. Every time Miles and I checked the windows, it was still snowing. At some point I gave up the dream and resigned myself to staying inside where it was warm and safe. The kids and I had a fun day but it would have been even more fun with friends.
For various reasons I have not been running outside this winter. I decided it was time to stop being a sissy and get back to the great outdoors. My plan was for Thursday to be the big day. Once again, the weather gods have interfered. The prediction is for an overnight low of zero. I realize that the predictions are not always exact, but even if it is a few degrees warmer than anticipated, I am pulling out the sissy card again.
Have I made anyone miss Utah winters yet?

Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Sorry Shopko

So, maybe after writing a long diatribe on the poor customer of Shopko, I maybe found the items that I was sure had been left behind. They were maybe at the bottom of a bag that had several pairs of gloves in it. It maybe took me this long to figure it out. I still stand by my point that their customer service was extremely poor. However, this is quite embarrassing.