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Friday, April 29, 2011

Birthday Love

It was my birthday a few weeks ago.

This is a shot of the family celebration.

Of course all of the kids got a candle in their cupcake.

Saves their spit being all over mine.

The photographer needs some tips of shooting with an I-phone.

If you can believe it, this was actually the best of the bunch.

Ada and Miles colored pictures for my gift.

I told them I would hang them up in my office.

They make a perfect addition to my filing cabinet.

Tim snuck into my office and left flowers and Kisses

Then took me to dinner and a movie on my official birthday.

PF Changs did us right and then some.

The movie turned into a wild goose chase because

I apparently don't know how to read a movie schedule.

After three theaters, we finally made it, only five minutes late.

If you haven't seen The Kings Speech,

Do yourself a favor and run to see it as quickly as possible.

You will not be disappointed.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

No Recipe Needed

This has become our go-to dinner. Salmon patties from Costco and "quinoa suprise" . Have you discovered the goodness that is quinoa? If not, do yourself a favor and check it out. It is a grain that is super healthy (think protein), easy to cook, and delicious. I have prepared it several different ways, but my current favorite was inspired by Kathleen at I roasted asparagus, portabella mushrooms and spinach with a little olive oil and salt and pepper. When the veggies were done, I mixed them with cooked quinoa and added a little soy sauce and rice vinegar for extra flavor. Super simple and absolutely delish!

P.S., You are welcome for the dinner idea. Now what should I make tonight since I think we have to wait at least a week before we can have this meal again.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Parenting Advice From The Non Parent

I read a lot of blogs - my guilty pleasure. One that I consistently follow is CJane, you can find her at I don't exactly have my own little darlings, but these thoughts were consistent with a lot of what I have been thinking lately.

From Bryn- We are a family that works. When my children wake up they know we will be working (housework, school work, gardening, etc) and they have a choice, to work along side me or find something to do by themselves. When the work is done we play, but I don't entertain my kids all day.

From Sarah- When life isn't pleasant there are only two things to be done, make a change or change your perspective.

From Sarah (again)- Our children have it good. Really good. Stop worrying whether or not you are giving them enough, especially when you have to get things accomplished not involving their immediate happiness. They are extremely blessed.

From Kathy- If the baby is crying and your kitchen is a mess, let the baby cry and clean the kitchen.

The last one seems a little harsh, but I think she is just making the point that sometimes they will be ok to cry it out and you will be better for getting things done. Don't stone me because I'm not a parent and have never been faced with the dilema. I reserve the right to change any and all opinions at any point in my life.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Osmond Design

I had some bare spots in our living room that I have been slowly trying to fill. I wandered into Osmond Design looking for inspiration and immediately fell in love with this turquoise fleur de lis and knew I wanted it for the top of my piano. I wasn't sure what else to put with it and wandered around the store for awhile then finally asked at the front desk if there was someone who could help - interior design is not my strong point. I was at the Osmond Design in North Orem, but assume their other stores have equally great staff. I described my space to the girl (I can call her that right, she was at least 10 years younger than me) and told her what I liked. She spent time with me trying out different items and really encouraged me to use pieces that spoke to me and leave out everything else. When we had it right, she encouraged me to take a picture of how it was set up so I could recreate the design at home. In honor of the fleur de lis - voila! It's a simple space but I love how it came together.

Seriously, you should pop into Osmond Design, they were really helpful and I thought the prices were super reasonable. Now if I could just get my basement decorated, I might feel like we are officially moved into our house.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Gym Tales

I know, I know, I post a lot of gym stories, but sometimes they are just too great not to share. For reasons that will soon become apparent, there will be no illustrations to these stories. My apologies if you have a vivid imagination.

Exhibit Number 1: My friend Susan and I were getting ready in the locker room. We were in a narrow aisle where she was doing her hair and I was facing her talking. A woman came in, stood right between us and proceeded to get ready to shower. The whole time I kept thinking, surely she will just partially undress and then go to the stall to finish. Not only did she completely disrobe (for the modest at heart), but she bent over and got things out of her bag!!! What happened to women being self-conscious in the locker room? I don't care if you're not covered from head to toe, but seriously, how am I supposed to keep from laughing out loud. I quickly left and held in the laughter until Susan called me as soon as she had left the gym. We laughed for a long time. And to answer the burning question, no, she did not have it to be flaunting it.

Exhibit Number 2:Note to the guy in the sauna who clearly forgot his swimsuit but thought that because his boxer/briefs were baggy, he could fool everyone into thinking it was a swimsuit; we weren't fooled! And we were grossed out!

Exhibit Number 3: And finally...I was getting ready and couldn't help but overhear the conversation in the next aisle between to women about all their ailments and the incredible cure found by one. She talked about the amazing supplements that she and her husband had discovered and how they had "changed her life". By the time the other woman asked about the founder of the company and developer of the supplements, I was a little curious. Imagine my shock when she revealed that he was a veterinarian. She said that because he knew how to diagnose deficiencies in animals, there was a direct correlation with humans so he had this "gift". No disrespect to veterinarians, they are lifesavers with animals, but c'mon, you want me to entrust my lhealth to a former veterinarian turned supplement charlatan???

And that, my friends, is why you should spend more time at the gym. Forget the work out, it's all about the entertainment.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

It's grey and rainy here so I needed a little sunshine to pick me up.

Oh, the yellow thing in the sky?

It's nice for tanning, but

These boys and happy times in the park are the real sunshine.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Amen Brother Tyler

The other night we were watching American Idol and Steven Tyler was making one of his long winded, very heart felt comments after a performance. Tim turned to me and said "He would be a great testimony bearer". I about fell off the couch laughing. I think what makes it so funny is that it is true, maybe we should start the rumor that Steven Tyler is a mormon. As long as we are talking Idol judges, am I the only one who thinks that it would be fun to have Jennifer Lopez over for dinner? I think she would be so much fun. Even if she wasn't, I could probably still score some great beauty secrets.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Lemon Raspberry Cupcakes

So, if you like to bake, or just like to read about people who bake, you should check out Lizzy's blog: I've sampled a lot of what she makes and everything is seriously amazing. I made her chocolate chip cookies a few months ago for a get together with Tim's family and have never received so many compliment. Sunday I made the lemon cupcakes with raspberry buttercream frosting. Hands down, dessert was the best part of the day. Thanks to Tim and T there was only one lone leftover cupcake which I ate last night and am already dreaming about more. Check out her blog, just have the butter and sugar ready.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Straight Cream

I'm pretty sure that's what his mama is feeding him.

I needed a close up for the eyelashes.

Sorry Roman that it doesn't sound very manly, but

You are a beautiful baby!

Thanks Mom

Check out these boots

(Don't mind the funny angle, I'm really not levitating)

Oh, you wanted another shot?

My mom found these little beauties at TJ Maxx

Bad luck, they don't fit her

So for once my big feet paid off

They are so cute I didn't even mind that it was

raining/snowing this morning.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Sonoran Dogs

While in Arizona I got to hang with my family. Craig, Hailey and I were sitting around talking late Tuesday night when we somehow got to the subject of hot dogs. Maybe it was all the QT talk. Anyway, I revealed my dirty little secret that I kind of love gas station hot dogs. Craig told me I was wasting my calories on a gas station hot dog when there were Sonoran dogs to be had. That's right, Sonoran dogs, as in, from the area of Sonora Mexico. Who knew they had a style that applied to hot dogs. He said that the best dogs were only available after 10:00 p.m. in the parking lot of the mattress store. What? A few minutes later he left to go to the store for ice cream. He was gone for a long time and when he finally returned, he had not only ice cream, but had treated me to a Sonoran dog. I pointed out that by then it was almost 11:00 p.m., but when someone does something so nice for you, it would be rude to refuse. I consoled myself by remembering that vacation calories. So what is on a Sonoran dog you ask? Of course, the dog, then beans, guacamole, mushrooms, two kinds of cheese, sour cream, and probably a few other hidden ingredients.
Was it delish? Oh man, it was pretty much amazing. Good thing the mattress store was so far away and it was so late or I may have been tempted to go back for seconds. Actually, the late hour wasn't a big deal, apparently they stay "open" and busy till about 3:00 a.m.

I would like to say that I declined the ice cream...good thing I don't go on vacation more often.

Monday, April 4, 2011


This is Ethan Ellsworth
On March 20 he suffered an AVM
(kind of like an aneurysm but in a kid)
On March 26, he passed away and left his earthly family.
I only met Ethan when he was a toddler,
But I'm positive I would have loved him.
He was full of life and the funeral gave us all
A glimpse of how full his life was.
His dad talked about a day recently where
He and Ethan had the day to spend together.
When he was told that he could go wherever he wanted,
Ethan said he just really wanted to go to QT
(a gas station with the best drinks and ice).
A boy after my own heart.
The back of the program had a letter he wrote to Santa.
It was great, along with asking for toys
He took the time to ask Santa how old he was,
If he was healthy and happy
And to wish him a Merry Christmas.
He let Santa know that he had been mostly good
And a little bad.
His second grade teacher spoke at the funeral,
He didn't say it, but I suspect Ethan was his favorite.
The bishop even had funny stories to tell
About Ethan's bright spirit and life.
At the end of his talk, he encouraged everyone to use
Ethan's example to be a little better.
I'm trying to emulate his carefree attitude
And not get so caught up in the little things.

This is Ethan's mom Kim (the blond).
She and I and Jenny (the bride) lived together in Tonga
A long time ago (13 years).
She is the kind of person that everyone considers their friend.
I flew to Arizona for the funeral and
When I texted from the airport to see if I could visit
She told me how excited she was to see me.
Despite all her her pain, I left her house
Feeling comforted and uplifted.
She and her husband share their love and talents
With family, friends, and the community
And talk about Karma
Family, friends and the community
Returned the love and support.
I'm sure there will be many sad days ahead
But I was impressed with their peace,
Their faith, and their trust in a Heavenly Father
Whose plan is a difficult to understand sometimes.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Delicate Arch

I have lived in Utah my entire life
Been to Moab more times than I can count
But I had never been to Delicate Arch
When we were planning this trip
Tim said that the only activity he cared about
was seeing the arch on the license plate
So, off we went

Jami was a little worried about Gavin
He is kind of a wild man would probably try to run off a cliff
Tim said that if they would go, he would carry Gavin
What a man

It was kind of a hike
My mom kept saying we were like the Children of Israel
Maybe not quite that rough, but this pic makes it look close

And then the wind started to blow
Notice Ada's hair, that wasn't a fan for effect
This little arch on the way was so cool

Nice hair E and Ada!
The kids were such troopers, they led most of the way

Delicate Arch
This picture doesn't show it, but the wind was out of control
Like notice the hat on Tim's head,
Lost to the wild winds, somewhere in a canyon
Some of the gusts were so strong
They almost knocked me over
The pictures were hasty, and not our best
Notice all the spare limbs and extra people in our shots

Ada was terrified of being blown away
She may have ended up in Oz

Aren't my parents cute?

Blame is on the wind