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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Pioneer Day 2017

July is a great month for holidays, Independence Day leads right into Pioneer Day.  I always feel a little sad for people outside of Utah that don't get the double holiday.  I'm pretty sure the pioneers didn't necessarily think it was perfect timing to arrive in Utah in the middle of July, but I appreciate the convenience of the holiday.  This year the kids were able to go to a pioneer activity to learn more about what it would have been like to be.  They had so much fun, but came home hot and tired and happy that they didn't have to be real pioneers.

The kids thought it was so fun to churn their own butter...putting it on homemade scones made it even more delicious.

Luke and Ruby had so much fun playing traditional pioneer games
Such as Sack Races....

Three legged race...

And the Stick Pull.

The kids were pretty amazed to know that pioneer kids really didn't have toys, at least not like the toys they are used to.  The made humdingers out of a string and button and have been pretty excited to show them off to anyone who doesn't already know what a humdinger is (in other words, pretty much everyone).

Fiesta Days in Spanish Fork has become our traditional activity to celebrate Pioneer Day.  Sometime I wonder how much I really love a parade, and whether it is worth the effort to get there...but then I watch Luke and Ruby and the cousins and their joy at the whole experience and I'm of course glad that we made it.  Plus, there were a lot of Tootsie Rolls thrown so we wouldn't want to miss that.   

A karate school stopped and gave Luke a board to try to break.  They have for sure made a convert for life with that little stunt.  

The setup...


Really the best part of any celebration is the bonus family time

Ariel's sister Alona, the girls were in awe.

After the parade we found the free squirt guns and everyone (except me who tried to stay neutral) had way too much fun chasing down the enemy in a giant water fight.  No one was safe and by the time we finally left, nearly everyone was soaked.  It was a pretty great way to end the celebration

Monday, July 24, 2017

Lagoon in July

Lagoon in July doesn't normally sound like a great time to me.....way too hot for amusement parks. Friday morning as I was finishing my long run, when I was extra hot, I decided that we should pack everyone up and head to the park for at least a few hours.  I was wanting some family time, and we haven't used our passes as much as we have wanted, so it seemed to be worth braving the heat. Luckily, the park is quite shaded so it was hot, but not unbearable.  It wasn't too busy so we were able to do all of the kids' favorite rides within a few hours.  As always, Luke and Ruby had the best time and really, that makes it all completely worth it.

I promise, he likes this ride.

When Luke got off the bumper cars, he spotted a game where you could win a Pikachu if you popped three balloons with a bean bag.  He begged to play and I couldn't think of a good reason to resist, so we paid to play and after popping enough balloons, he ended up with a new stuffed friend.  Of course, Ruby then wanted to play so now we have twins.  They seem like such a silly toy to me, but Ruby and Luke have had so much fun with these little friends - they take good care of Pichachu, both day and night.

She kept telling me that he was a really mean lion, that he was only nice to her.
Notice Pikachu seatbelted in with her?

Every night, wrapped up "snug as a bug in a rug".

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Ute Stampede

Growing up in Santaquin we knew plenty of people who had horses, but we are not a "rodeo family". However, we have always been a "Ute Stampede family".  It is one of our favorite summertime events and I have loved watching my kids grow up loving the "radio" as Ruby calls it.  This year it was especially fun.  There was a lot of excitement, plenty of good cowboys, and amazing stunt riders that made it worth staying until the very end.  My personal favorite is the entry of the flag and national anthem.  We hustled to get there on time to make sure we didn't miss the best part.  It was amazing, as always, and I love the sentimentality of the soldiers and the flag.

Being with family is what really makes it fun!

The clown and commentators were great,

But the real fireworks came when the stunt riders showed up.  I couldn't decide whether to be thrilled or horrified.  It is amazing what they can do....and what they dare to do.  The boys were completely enthralled and I think, already making their plans for to start their own daring duo.

Farewell to the rodeo until next year