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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Perspective of a Child

B, Ada and Miles took my camera the other night,
they had a great time playing photographer.
I seriously cracked up at some of their shots.

Ada takes after her mama. Great shot of the boys.

Not only did they shoot the hearts, they also created them.

Finding inspiration in a baby's block.
This was a particularly artistic composition
Seriously, the toilet and the bathroom trash?
If this is art, I'm happy I don't get it.

Stripes never looked so creepy.
A nice profile shot of Baby G.


Note to self #2.
If you leave a toddler alone for more than a minute,
it is likely that he will end up in the bathroom,
unrolling the toilet paper.
What is it that makes the bathroom so fascinating for kids?
Luckily, the toilet seat was down.
Is that an innocent face or what?
The Three Musketeers
These three decorated our bedroom,
then had us close our eyes to see the "surprise".

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Bedside Manner

Last week I had a horrific headache. It was somewhat concerning because it came on suddenly and then wouldn't go away, no matter what I tried. I finally decided that I better go to the doctor and make sure my head wasn't going to explode. The doctor listened, questioned, poked and prodded, and reached the opinion that it probably wasn't too serious. However, he gave me several shots, ordered me to have a massage (nice), gave me some instructions on medications and told me to call him the next day and let him know how I was doing. The headache still hasn't gone away completely, but it didn't seem necessary to call the doctor. So imagine my surprise Saturday afternoon when I answered my ringing phone to hear my doctor on the line, asking how I was. He gave me some further suggestions and told me to check back in with him. Seriously, I didn't know doctors did things like that anymore. No wonder I think my doctor is the greatest. Now if I could just find a doctor who would make house calls.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Note to Self

Dear Self;
In the future, it's not a great idea to run 9 miles one day, ski in fresh snow the next day, and then go ice skating with small children the next day.
Sincerely, your back and legs.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Rainy Days and Mondays

If you live somewhere that you can actually see the sun, feel free to move along. But for anyone else, has today been as hard for you as it has been for me?

I at least got a kick out of the video clip.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

And That's Why You Don't Buy Skis From The DI

I'm not naming names, or even confirming that the story is true, but, if you buy skis from the DI, you might go skiing, and have problems with the bindings, and have to borrow a screwdriver from the ski shop and try to adjust them several times, and then you might get off the top of the lift, ski down just a little ways, then your boot might come out of your bindings, and your bindings might come off of the ski completely, if that happens your ski might go flying off through the trees and hills, then you might have to hike/slide down the hill to where you can finally dump the DI skis, return the screwdriver to the ski shop, and swap for a new pair of skis. I'm sure the DI has plenty of great items, probably even some great skis. I'm just saying what might happen when you get a deal on skis.

Ready to Rock and Roll

This shot is for Julie
Not quite the same as beach feet, but ski feet are still fun.
Each time I go skiing, I amazed again at the beauty of where I live.

I had never been night skiing and was never quite sure I would like it. It always sounded cold and miserable. B was a little apprehensive, I think nervous of skiing in the dark. We did get pretty cold by the end, but we it wasn't too bad. B seemed to get faster the darker it got.
You can't tell, but we are riding the lift -
There were lights on the runs to ski.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

St. George Half Marathon

When it's 37 degrees outside, this is how you warm up.
Seriously, do we need another photo like this?
Can you see the speed?
Ais was so close on my heels.
I better watch my back at Moab.

Susan was amazing but she made me cold just watching.

We made it!
Sorry Kristina, as long as you are the fastest,
you will be stuck being the photographer.

It took another trip to St. George, but I think I found my MOJO. The girls and I packed up for a weekend in St. George. Once in awhile I remembered that the point of the trip was to run a half marathon. I was much more focused on the girl time, the shopping, etc. Despite weather worries, we had a smooth trip down and a non traditional dinner of calzones instead of pasta. Maybe that was the magic. The great thing about winter races is that they don't start so stinkin early in the morning. We got to sleep in (7:00 a.m. may sound early but it is later then we get up most days) and made it to the starting point with plenty of time to make a couple of porta potty runs. The race started and from the very beginning the running felt good. I made a new mix for my ipod, it was great, each song just got me more and more motivated. As I ran I realized how much I love racing, the people, the sounds, the adrenaline, etc. My mantra for the race was "if you wanted to run an easy 13 miles, you should have just stayed home and run there". It hurt, and there were several times that I thought I might puke, proof that I left it all out on the course. My finish time was nowhere close to a PR, but compared to my last several racing experiences, it felt like it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I've never watched "Better Off Ted", but if the rest of the dialogue is anything like the quote I heard this morning, I better look into it.

"There's really no middle ground with you. Either you don't care at all or you care a hundred-and-crazy percent."

I have been laughing all day.