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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bear Lake - The Water

I was almost embarrassed to write these next few posts. My friend Melissa thinks that all I do is play...just wait for the posts of me sitting at my desk or cleaning my house. Last weekend we went to Bear Lake for a few days. If was fabulous, we spent a lot of time just sitting by the water - we alternated between the lake and the pool. The weather was perfect and the water is always beautiful.

Grandpa and the grandkids having a water fight.

Phew, Miles made it out safe. I think they tired him out.

Once they have had enough sand, the pool is always a hit.

Last year Ada and Miles were a little nervous to go down the slide,
This year they were so brave.

B was always fearless on the slide.
These boys were much more interested in relaxing.

With all those people,
I tried to stay as far away from the hot tub as possible,
I don't want to think about what was growing in there.

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The Broadobalds said...

That really is a FULL hot tub.