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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

September - The Rest of It

And just like that September is over, and any real thoughts of summer are long gone.  I'm not sure that I'm ready to let the sunshine go, but at least the fall colors should make up for the cooler weather.

This is one of my favorite pictures of all time.  It would be pretty much perfect if only it didn't have such a sad story.  While at my parents for Sunday dinner, Luke got sick and threw up.  We headed out and made it (almost) home before he started again and he kept at it for the next few hours. The poor kid felt so awful and couldn't get to sleep.  Once we got him finally calmed down, the boys completely crashed.

This copy is not the best quality, but it was fun to see a young little Tim.  We definitely see the resemblance in Ruby,

Tim, Erika and Clark spent an afternoon in Ogden Canyon.  They did a little hiking and enjoyed some shakes in the middle of nature. Somehow Tim didn't make it into any of the shots but he promises he was there.

I finally ventured back outside to run.  I was super anxious, and spent most of my time staring at the path in front of me, but I did 9 miles and I finished feeling pretty good.  Success

Tim and Taylor made it back to the hot pots, they say it is even better in the fall. 

Tried to get a shot of the "super moon".  Not the best shot, but it was pretty amazing. 

Nothing better than sleeping babies.

Taylor turned 21!!!
We have a long tradition of celebrating birthdays with as many parties as possible.  I absolutely love these shots of the kids celebrating with him, you can see how they completely adore him.  His request was an Oreo cake so I had to oblige with a super rich cake which was pretty much amazing. 

On Taylor's actual birthday, we finished the celebrations at The Olive Garden.  Grandma and Grandpa Whitesides were there but we somehow missed getting a shot of them with the birthday boy. We had a fun time together and Taylor said that he loved the celebrations.  Definitely another year older and wiser too.

See You Later Summer......

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Luke three Years Old

This post should have been published months ago, I've just had a hard time finishing.  Every time I start looking back through photos, I get so emotional and can't imagine how my sweet little baby could already be three. Since the day he was born he has really just been the sweetest boy.  For so many years I had hoped to have a little one to call me mama, and he has been better than I even hoped or expected.  Before giving the update of where he is, I thought it was fun to see where we have been.

April, 2013, One Year Old

April, 2014, Two Years Old

Over the past year, from ages two to three, he has grown up so much.  He went from a toddler with still a lot of babyish features, to a full blown little boy.  I keep trying, but he won't let me call him baby anymore - he says he is now a big boy and that pretty soon he will be a man.  I thought it was fun to look through pictures over the last year and see how much he has changed and some of his milestones.  

May, 2014

*Loves to dress, capes, goggles, etc.
*Luke got written up in daycare, he's never mean to other people's kids, just Ruby
*He did something naughty and was in trouble with me and knew it, he came over, unprovoked and gave me a big kiss
*Says octopus, yellow, bus wolf

June, 2014

*Language really starting to develop, he learned a lot more words - thank you, no thanks, George, blankie, all done.  He has also started to mimic a lot of words
*Can tell the difference between numbers and letters
*Went swimming at that pool and was surprisingly very timid, wanted to stay on the stairs and splash
*Will play independently with toys

July, 2014

*Tries to sing Sunbeam
*Teases Ruby
*Wasn't sure what to think about the parades
*Getting good at riding his "motorcycle" and loves to go to the park

August, 2014

*Finally got a big boy haircut - thanks Jarin
*Surprisingly, loved swimming in the lake - he actually likes a life jacket

September, 2014

*Began his obsession with bandaids
*Learning to be silly

October, 2014

*Says Oh Darnit and No No Ruby
*Sleeps with at lest 5 blankies and 10 stuffed  animal friends
*Learned and loves "You have 5 seconds to run"
*Starting to get the hang of Halloween

November, 2014

*When looking for anything, he tells me "dada hid it"
*Loves to play any type of whistle
*Sings Happy Birthday

December, 2014

*Loves the Christmas decorations
*Says "Santa brings toys and presents", C'mon Ruby Girl"
*Has started negotiating to get what he wants
*Was excited to see Santa and sit and his lap, told me that Santa was his friend
*Sings Jingle Bells and Mary Had a Little Lamb

January, 2015

*Loves to do art projects
*Wore his mittens almost all month long
*When he isn't teasing, takes really good care of Ruby

February, 2015

*Learning to say the prayer.  After one prayer, he said, "That was awesome mama"
*Loves going to the dinosaur museum

March, 2015
*Fully obsessed with Superman, Spiderman, Batman
*Loves to tell me about his day and where they went
*Looks at everyone's eyes and says what color they have - he likes that Luke and mama have brown eyes
*Working on potty training
*First time riding a horse

April, 2015

*Fully potty trained
*Talks non stop
*Likes to sing songs but doesn't like me to sing along
*Loves the tub - is pretty good about only doing little splashed while swimming

And just like that...
Luke was Three

The past year has brought day after day of new experiences and constant amazement.  I have absolutely loved watching him grow, and learn and experience the world.  Watching his language develop has been especially fun since it has shown us even more of his personality.  We were watching old movies and remembering that at two, Luke said a few words and mostly got what he wanted by pointing and grunting.  He didn't seem particularly interested in talking and I sometime worried a little whether there was a problem with his speech.  Everyone told me that he would speak on his own time, and that has definitely been true.  He now talks, and talks, and talks. He tells me stories, teases, sings songs, yells, whispers, and in every way has found his voice.  He doesn't like to be dirty and is quick to help me clean up which is great.  Luke knows that he is his mama's best boy and really is just so loving to me.  He adores his dada and wants to see him first thing when he gets up in the morning.  And Ruby - they fight, and play, and tease, and laugh, and play so more, I don't see that changing no matter how old he gets. 

These may be my favorite shots that Jami has ever done,