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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Easy Listening

Last night my mom convinced me to go to a Christopher Cross concert at the Scera Shell. To my dad and siblings, you are welcome, next time it's your turn. There are plenty of interesting people to watch at the Scera and last night did not disappoint. My favorite was the middle age woman who was sitting on a blanket on the hill, but several times was inspired to dance. It was an interesting march/shimmy/swagger kind of dance, definitely sad that it was too dark for a picture as I'm sure you would have loved to share. She was the best part of the night. Oh, and the concert, eh. He played for about two hours which was about an hour and half too long. If he would have played his greatest hits, taken a bow, and been done, it would have been fun. But...he apparently has a new album to promote so we were treated to lots of new, not so great, songs Let's just say that I've heard enough slow jams and Kenny G type sax to last me a lifetime. Should have stuck with "Sailing".


* { Shannon } * said...

So, um, Monica... do you want to go to a Yanni concert with me?? ;)

Monica said...

If you invited me, I would suffer through. I would expect a concert invitation from you to be a little more upbeat.