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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Viva Las Vegas

So, we are currently in Las Vegas.  I'm pretty sure the city is top on the list of "ideal places to travel with a newborn".  We were looking for somewhere close enough to drive that we could fit in during the week between the kids getting out of school and me going back to work.  It was this or Lava Hot Springs...I wasn't sure I could handle a week in the hot pots so Las Vegas was the winner.  It is kind of funny though because we have kept Luke extremely sheltered and barely take him out of the house, nothing like dropping him into a germ fest with millions of people.  Surprisingly, he has done great.  We only had to stop once on the drive down and has been a total trooper when we have been out and about.  Here are some shots of the fun we are having.

The Venetian
Treasure Island
Casear's Palace

Freemont Street
T has been reading about the Heart Attack Cafe
Finding it may have been the highlight of his trip
Luckily none of us came close to qualifying for a free meal.

Can you see what a great time she is having.

T is just jealous of B's jumping skills.
Finally a family picture with everyone,
One of the few times Luke got out of the stroller

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