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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


On New Years Eve, 1999, I was with friends in Las Vegas.  That year was a big deal because of Y2K and everyone being sure the world was going to end.  During the day we went to the Stratosphere where someone talked me into going on the Big Shot, the ride on top of the building.  That was 12 years ago and I still kind of want to cry whenever I think about it.  I honestly don't ever remember being so scared.  I'm not sure why it was so terrifying because I'm not even afraid of heights but I vowed, never again.  When we talked about activities to do, the kids, at least T and E were excited about going on the rides on the Stratosphere, there are now three to make you pee your pants.  B said that he didn't want to go, smart man. When we got there to buy tickets, both he and Tim gave in to peer pressure and ended up buying a ticket for unlimited rides.  I went up to the top of the tower but no further.  I was a little anxious when they went on their first ride, worried that someone would come off traumatized, but they all loved the rides.  They got a little sick on one that spins, but didn't even think they were that scary.  They had so much fun that after taking me and Luke home that night, they went back and rode again.  Crazy!

How can this ride not scare you?
It is like a teeter totter that goes out over the 1,000 feet of air.

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