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Monday, June 11, 2012

Hoover Dam

I have vague memories of going to the Hoover Dam and was excited to go back. It was as impressive as I remembered.  We paid to do the dam tour and got our fill of the best dam jokes.  They had a short movie before the tour that detailed the history of the building of the dam.  As soon as it started I learned a new fact:  I'm not sure where I had missed this detail but I hadn't realized before that it was named after Herbert Hoover - must have slept through that part of the history lesson.
When we told Tim's mom about visiting the dam, she told us a couple of interesting stories.  She has a friend who's father worked on the dam and she lived in a tent city with her family at the dam site during construction.  She also told us that Tim's grandma (his dad's mom) traveled over the dam while it was being built.  She was on her honeymoon.  They went with another couple and rode all the way to California in the rumble seat.  Pretty romantic.  I wish she were around to tell us the rest of the story.
This was a picture at the entrance of the dam,
It turned out better than the one they tried to sell us that was
Taken in front of a green screen
Score for Monica, saved us $20.
Down inside the dam where the
Turbines use the water to generate electricity.

The dam project took about five years,
Pretty amazing considering the technology of the 1930's
This is the new bypass bridge,
It took seven years to build with today's technology
Makes the bridge even more impressive.

The statues are called Winged Figures of the Republic and
Are 30 feet high.
They are bronze and all but the toes are oxidized green.

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