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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Toddlers and Tiaras

Saturday night Ada competed in the Santaquin Days Little Miss Pageant.  The competition actually lasted all week with activities, a service project and practices the Saturday was the big night.  I was kind of hoping for some drama, you know inappropriate clothing, pet partners, or a fight between stage moms.  Sadly, all of Santaquin was well behaved.  There were a few girls who appeared to have spent their entire live's preparing for their moment in the spot light, but overall it was just a lot of cute girls excited to be princess for a moment.

From what I could tell, the primary basis for judging was the contestant promenade when each girl came out, did a walk and wave, had her bio read, and answered a question.  There were  a lot of vanilla answers but just enough originality to keep it interesting.  One question on the bio was where each girl would go if she could go anywhere in the world.  Probably 75% of the girls said Disneyland, fun, but Ada dreams a little bigger than most.  Where would she go?  Australia.  A few of the girls' answers seemed too contrived or practiced.  Other's could have used a little more polishing.  The two best answers:

Q: If you had a healing power and could completely cure any disease, which disease would you cure?
A: Swine flu.
What???  I was waiting to hear that she would cure cancer, maybe diabetes, heart disease, something, but  swine flu?  Who would waste their magic powers on that.  No surprise, she did not win.

Q: Who is your hero?
A: Rees Witherspoon because I really admire her high values.  Um, I understand if you want to list her as your hero because Legally Blonde is your favorite movie, or you are hoping you can get an equally great blonde color in your hair, or maybe even you admire that she jogs.  Don't get me wrong, I'm sure she is a very nice person, but I don't know that she is really the epitome of morals and values to admire.

Ada and her friend
If for any reason she cannot fulfill her queen duties,
I'm sure Ada will be thrilled to step in
Ada did fabulous.  She was crowned First Attendant - whoo whoo.   In addition to the crowning of the queen and attendants, they awarded a Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic.  Out of 33 little girls, Ada was given both awards.  Talk about a superstar.  Of course she looked amazing in her photo.  She shines in front of a camera and had the best photographer ever.  I loved seeing how well she did in the performance aspects, but was even more proud of the Miss Congeniality award.  The other girls in the contest voted and it was great to know that she was so friendly and helpful to everyone.  Her cousin Maya was one of the contestants and she even listed Ada as her hero because she is such a good friend.  Love this girl.

I'm not sure the pageant would have been their first choice,
But Tim and Luke were good sports
And looked great in their coordinating outfits.

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eran said...

Um Reese Witherspoon wasn't in Clueless. It was Alicia Silverstone.