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Monday, February 21, 2011

Pirate Island

We had five children this weekend, Tim's boys and my brother's three babies. Gavin had been sick so I took one for the team and spent plenty of time resting with him.
Saturday we ventured out to Pirate Island. The kids had a riot. Gavin spent the entire time in his high chair staring at the pirates and strobe lights. B, Ada and Miles tore it up in the arcade, each getting enough tickets to win some prizes.

The pictures of course were priceless. The balloon animals were a hit, a dog, a cat, and of course a sword.

Miles was still fighting off the bad guys with his sword yesterday.

Who doesn't love a pirate hat?

Maybe next time I will consider an actual camera with an actual flash instead of my phone. Nothing but high class.

1 comment:

ramsam said...

I love the shot with the sword slicing the neck. True pirate violence!