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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yesterday Tim surprised me at work when he walked in with these. Not only are the flowers beautiful, but the smell is amazing. I love receiving flowers. His thoughtfulness made me happy all day.

I thought the flowers were the extent of my Valentines' surprises, but Tim was just getting going. First a little bit of background: when we moved into our house there were a few little spots in the bathroom where the paint needed touching up. I pulled out the supplies, painted some big patches and didn't discover until the paint tried that I had used the wrong color. Fast forward a few weeks when I decided to fix my walls. This time I had to paint much larger swatches to cover all of the mismatched paint. Small problem though, you guessed it, I used the wrong paint again. So now we had seriously mismatched walls in the bathroom and I had given up trying to fix it. When I walked in the house last night I could smell paint. Tim had spent the day taking a sample to get a matching paint color, and then repainting the entire bathroom. He even cleaned everything so well it was as if no one had even been there. The bathroom looks great. It was such a sweet thing, maybe even better than the flowers. Thanks babe.

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Cait said...

omg what an amazing man you have to do all those fabulous things for you :) congrats girl! glad to hear you had a great vday! your blog is super cute! xoox i may def be a new follower!