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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Arizona Boys

So Mister Calvin and I have never had a lot of time to just hang together, always too many cousins and grandparents. We had so much fun together in AZ. It was great to just be able to play, and laugh and be silly. He is super low maintenance because the only things he east are wheat thins and muscle milk. We read stories, played baseball in the house (don't tell mom), and had races with strollers, cars, scotters, skateboards, etc. When Cory and Jenna got back he kept telling Jenna, "mama, Monica's funny". Clearly he has a great sense of humor.
The only downside is that our tie together was way too short. Apparently he feels the same. When he sees a plane now he tells his mom that they need to hurry and go get me from the plane and take me back to his house. Love that boy!

The park was great, lots of kids, sand, and trucks.

This was Calvin's imitation of Buzz Lightyear, he was about ready to take off.

Just a casual shot at home.

Clearly he has his father's photography skills. He wanted to take his own shot.

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