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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Orange Etiquitte

I went for a long run today, 12.6 miles to be exact. It was beautiful, warm enough to be in a tank top for most of the run. On a work day no less. As I got close to home I was soooo hungry, like have to stop and walk because I was so hungry. I had already passed several orange trees and wondered what the proper etiquette was, could I just have a little snack. I finally decided that anything hanging over a fence or by the sidewalk fair game. So I picked one, walked away quickly in case anyone noticed, and started peeling quickly. It smelled amazing, and remember, I was starving. All was right with the world until I took a bite. It was horrible, so sour and no good flavor. Turns out the joke was on me. Apparently all of those beautiful trees I was passing were just ornamental. Ornamental? How does that make sense for an orange tree? The banana I found at home may have calmed the hunger, but I still want a good orange.

1 comment:

Just SO said...

I had no idea that there were even ornamental orange trees. That just seems wrong.

Hope you finally got your orange.