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Monday, August 6, 2012


We are super lucky to have family who invites us to go boating.  Thursday we spent the day at Yuba Reservoir and couldn't have had a better time.  Since we don't bring any water craft, we thought we better show up with something to validate our presence.  Enter the apple fritters.  I never thought I cared about apple fritters but that was before I tried warm, fresh, fritters from Payson Market.  Wow, they are worth every extra mile I have to run as penance and then some.  Anyway, the day started with a bang and just kept getting better.

Lots of wakeboarding
I somehow missed pics of Jami, Tad and Sean
Honestly I'm just happy I got the shots I did
Without dropping my camera in the lake!
Feeling pretty good to be up 3 months post baby.
Tim is getting so go, it is super fun to watch him ride.
Josh has no fear and rides like a maniac.

Jarin is the master - rider and teacher.

There were some good times on a water weenie,
The not so good times may have been getting pulled over by a water cop.
Ada was so embarrassed

And of course, plenty of beach and swim time.

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