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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bear Lake Weekend

We have had a busy weekend but so much fun with family and friends.  It started with a long run,  Luke hung with us for 13 miles and then I finished 3 on the treadmill.  Then we quickly got ready, loaded up the car and headed North.  We stopped in Logan for a little bit and hung out with the kids then went on to Bear Lake to cheer on several of my co-workers who were competing in a triathlon.  I was a little nervous to take Luke, he hasn't had many sleepovers and there were going to be a lot of people.  I was worried that he would cry and disturb people.  No reason to worry with this kid.  He fell asleep with everyone playing air hockey and Foosball, and slept through the night like he does at home.  Whew.

I got up early enough to wish everyone good luck, then headed out on a ride of my own.  I had tired legs, but this is one of my favorite places to ride so I couldn't let that stop me.   A few shots from the morning ride.


I ran home for a quick change then headed down to the lake to watch my friends rock the Bear Lake Brawl.

Amy, Steve and Shae
Go Ashley!
So proud of my Tracie
Shae was the superstar of the group,
First in her age group, third woman overall.
And we were just happy to be there.
After the triathlon, we headed back to Logan for more kid time.  We went and saw E at her cheer open house, then I dropped off the boys at the fun park and went to visit my friend Elizabeth Larsen Hansen.  Liz and I were roommates several years ago and she was definitely one of my favorites.  We got married close to the same time and then she just had baby Caleb.  He is such a sweet baby, it was so fun to see Liz as a new mama.  It was wild though, I can't believe that Luke was ever that small - he seemed so big next to a newborn.

We finally made it home late tonight and now I am up being an insomniac.  Hopefully my mind will catch up with my body soon and decide it is time to sleep.

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mlg said...

I cannot believe you pushed your baby jogger w/ a baby for 13 miles. You are amazing and your baby is even more amazing.
What are you training for?
send me an email :)