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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Hobble Creek Half

Saturday we (me, Tim, dad) ran the Hobble Creek Half Marathon.  When we registered I was pregnant and thought that a half marathon four months post baby would be no big deal.  Sometimes reality is a bummer.  I am slowly working on getting my running mojo back, but it is amazing to me how hard it is some days.  For a brief second I considered not running, then I snapped out of that quickly.  I would rather be slow, walk, whatever, than to not race.  As I ran I thought about the years I have had running and what a difference it has made in my life.  When I started running, I didn't know anyone else who ran - I just figured it out as I went.  This was my first half marathon and after making it through, decided to do a full marathon the next year.  That was 12 years ago and now many, many races later, I love where it has taken me.
So, the race this was hard and it hurt.  The first half is almost all downhill and pretty fast.  I knew when I started that I didn't feel good and was amazed that I could be working that hard and still going so slow on a downhill.  I took a few walk breaks and kept skipping to my best power songs and steadily kept moving.  By the second half I actually started to feel a little better, we hit the flat parts and I didn't slow down too much.  A little before mile 10 my brother Jarin appeared to run with me.  I knew he was going to be at the race somewhere but didn't want to expect him and be disappointed.  It was so great to have him to run with me - he was a great pacer and motivated me to keep moving.  Before I knew it, we were at the end.  My goal had been to be under an 11:00  minute average.  Normally I would be upset with that kind of time, but based on how I have been running lately, I felt like it was a good goal.  My garmin was a little off because I stopped to stretch a few times, but my official time was 2:19, a 10:39 average.  For this year, I will consider that a victory!

Both Tim and my dad ran well
And were happy with their times.
Gavin just realized he was late for the pic

We celebrated with Carrabas for dinner.
Lasagna for Tim
Shrimp and zucchini for me.

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