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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Timpanogos Caves 2012

So my brother Sean and his kids were here from Texas all last week which meant A LOT of family time.  I loved it!  It's always great to have a reason to spend more time together.  Prepare for a lot of pictures.Last Tuesday night we went to Timpanogos caves.  The plan was to take Luke, but he ended up not sleeping all day and carrying a cranky baby up the path didn't sound like a good time for anyone so Tim stayed home while he slept.  We went to the caves two years ago, but it's easy to forget how beautiful it is.

Aren't my parents so cute
My poor mom was super sick but still made it.
Always use the buddy system.
Calvin smartly chose the "ride" option offered by Sean.

Somehow Tad ended up with my glasses,
And I had on my dads sunglass clip.

And the packhorse for the ride down,
I think this look means Josh wasn't moving fast enough.

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