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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Growing Boy

Yesterday Luke had his four month check up with the doctor.  First the good news, he is doing great and growing like a weed.  He dropped a little on the weight chart and is in the 61st percentile for boys.  His head is still in the 99th percentile - all those smarts need a lot of room.  The most exciting part is his length.  I keep saying that it feels like he is taller every day and it turns out, he is.  He went from the 58th percentile to the 90th.  Thank goodness for Tim's genes to bring a little height into the family.  He officially weighs 16.1 pounds, what a big boy.  At this point he was still all smiles, but it went downhill quickly.

The doctor had to clean out his ears and show us some stretching exercises for his neck muscles.  For a kid who never cries he has a serious set of lungs.  He isn't a binkie baby, but the fist sure helps to sooth him.

By this point he was calming down and starting to like us again...

And then came the shots.
Seeing him so upset hurt my heart in a way that 
I didn't know was possible.
Poor baby has been so sad today

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