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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Week Three

It is so hard to believe that my boy is already three weeks old.  He went to the doctor this week and is up to 8lb 10 oz, the doctor was really happy with the weight gain.  While there he got circumcised which was traumatic for all of us, but he only seemed to feel better pretty quickly.  In the last few days he has changed so much.  He is getting bigger and his features are different. Tim and I just keep looking at the differences in him and already feel like he is growing up too fast. He is very reactive and follows voices and movements and is soothed by singing and shushing noises.  Other than when he is super mad,he is very snuggly, my favorite part of the day is just holding and loving him.
My friend Amy came to visit,
I think Luke loved her and I loved the company.
These clothes are still slightly too big,
But when he came home from the hospital they literally
Fell off because he was so skinny.
Keep eating Luke!
When T holds him Luke looks even smaller.


Craig Broadbent said...

I am still having a hard time deciding exactly who Luke looks like. I propose that you post a baby picture of you and one of Tim for an internet comparison.
Your fans have spoken!

MDJ said...

Great idea. As soon as I figure out how to do that I will get on it.

MDJ said...

By the way, that was me responding, I guess I'm signed in as Tim.