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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Good Job!

Last night I went to see Ada and Miles perform at a dance review/concert.  Ada has been taking dancing/singing lessons and Miles takes hip hop.  It was one of the most entertaining concerts I have been too.  The kids were great and seemed like they had so much fun with the classes.  Miles had some sweet hip hop moves, already a better dancer than me.

They are both such natural hams.
I can see why moms get so tired at this time of year.  After last night's performances, Miles graduated from pre-school today.  It was funny being there because I kept thinking of when Ada graduated three years ago - Tim went with me to see her graduate, we were about to get married.  It seems unreal that so much time has passed, this time I was there with my own baby.  I'm afraid it will be another blink of the eye before he is on his way to school.

The graduate.

I think they only invited me because they wanted to see Luke,
Not that I can blame them.
Check out his mohawk, soooo cute.

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