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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Green Thumb

When we did our landscaping last year we wanted the yard to look great, but we also wanted very low maintenance.  We love the plants and trees we chose, and with a new load of bark and a lot of plant growth, I think it looks even better this year.  We chose not to plant any flowers in the ground areas and instead get our color through flower pots.  I don't know a lot about flowers, planting, etc., I just know what I like.  Every year I get a lot of joy picking out flowers and planting the pots.  I love how they look now, and they just get better with time as they grow together.  It just makes me happy to go outside.

Luke went with me shopping
Thanks to Hailey and the Moby sling.
One little boy wondered if I was carrying a baby or a dog.
The view today

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