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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The first week

The time is passing so quickly, I love having pictures to document how quickly Luke is growing.  The first few days we were home were kind of a blur.  He had jaundice when we left the hospital so on Tuesday, the day after we brought him home we had to go back to the hospital to get his bilirubin checked - luckily it was fine so we didn't have to have any more follow up.  That night I got really sick with a 102 degree fever and chills that made my entire body shake.  So, Wednesday we were at my doctor's office first thing and then off to the pharmacy for medication for the infection trying to ruin my day.  Later that afternoon we had to take Luke to the pediatrician's office to make sure he was gaining weight and eating ok.  It's amazing how exhausting all of that can be a few days after having a baby.  The rest of the week was pretty mellow comparatively.  The kids came on Saturday morning which was great - the first time they met their new brother.  Sunday afternoon we all went for a walk - a very slow one - but it was great to be outside and moving.  Hard to believe we already had one week with our boy.

Grandma and dad gave him his first bath.

I think grandpa kind of likes him.
After a long night, this is where I found my boys.
So fun to have a visit from Cory and Jenna,
Calvin brought his Batman for Luke to play with.
Luke loved Cory,
All of my brothers are kind of baby whisperers.
First time meeting their new brother.
B was so cute with Luke
Even T got a chance to feed him.
It was so sweet,
B brought several of his toys to see what Luke liked best.
These monkeys think the baby is pretty great,
They are just so excited that he is finally out of my belly.

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