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Monday, May 28, 2012

Memorial Day 2012

Growing up, Memorial Day was a really important.  Most of my relatives are buried in the Santaquin Cemetery, the rest in Nephi which is close by.  My grandparents made a big deal of the day, turned it into an occasion.  My grandma Childs would start by going to the cemetery to clean the headstones.  She grew peonies and snowballs in her yard and would cut and make her own arrangements to take to "decorate the graves".  From Saturday to Monday lots of relatives from out of town would stop to visit and we spent a lot of time at the cemetery - it was kind of a macabre party.  Last year we were in Hawaii on Memorial Day and it seemed so strange not to go to the cemetery.  Yesterday we had dinner at my parents and then walked up to pay our respects.

My mom puts pictures of my grandparents by their graves
I love having the visual for everyone to see
This is my Grandma and Grandpa Childs,
My mom's parents
This was a cool "Broadbent headstone
In the corner you can see the grave and picture of
My dad's parents
It's too small to see in the picture but
This is the grave of William F. Broadbent,
One of the relatives for whom Luke was named
Hanging at my parent's house
Cory told Calvin not to pull a face
Guess Cory forgot the instructions.
Today Tim and I took the dog and the baby
On a walk to Bridal Veil Falls
It is so beautiful, I miss running the upper river trail.
Luke loves the sling.
And loved the walk.

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Hansen Family said...

I have similar memories of visiting ancestors graves every Memorial Day. I always learned a lot about many of them from my grandparents. It felt very strange to not visit a cemetery this year.