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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Parenting Advice From The Non Parent

I read a lot of blogs - my guilty pleasure. One that I consistently follow is CJane, you can find her at I don't exactly have my own little darlings, but these thoughts were consistent with a lot of what I have been thinking lately.

From Bryn- We are a family that works. When my children wake up they know we will be working (housework, school work, gardening, etc) and they have a choice, to work along side me or find something to do by themselves. When the work is done we play, but I don't entertain my kids all day.

From Sarah- When life isn't pleasant there are only two things to be done, make a change or change your perspective.

From Sarah (again)- Our children have it good. Really good. Stop worrying whether or not you are giving them enough, especially when you have to get things accomplished not involving their immediate happiness. They are extremely blessed.

From Kathy- If the baby is crying and your kitchen is a mess, let the baby cry and clean the kitchen.

The last one seems a little harsh, but I think she is just making the point that sometimes they will be ok to cry it out and you will be better for getting things done. Don't stone me because I'm not a parent and have never been faced with the dilema. I reserve the right to change any and all opinions at any point in my life.


Craig Broadbent said...

I'm opposite. I leave the kitchen a mess and play with the baby. He's only going to be little once, and I don't want my memories of this time to be of him crying in my spotless house. Also his crying stabs right through my heart. But to each her own. No stones here:)

Monica said...

Craig, I love that you are commenting, no more silent lurking.

Hailey Broadbent said...

lol. That comment was from Hailey. Craig's computer:)
Just needed to clear his name.