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Monday, April 4, 2011


This is Ethan Ellsworth
On March 20 he suffered an AVM
(kind of like an aneurysm but in a kid)
On March 26, he passed away and left his earthly family.
I only met Ethan when he was a toddler,
But I'm positive I would have loved him.
He was full of life and the funeral gave us all
A glimpse of how full his life was.
His dad talked about a day recently where
He and Ethan had the day to spend together.
When he was told that he could go wherever he wanted,
Ethan said he just really wanted to go to QT
(a gas station with the best drinks and ice).
A boy after my own heart.
The back of the program had a letter he wrote to Santa.
It was great, along with asking for toys
He took the time to ask Santa how old he was,
If he was healthy and happy
And to wish him a Merry Christmas.
He let Santa know that he had been mostly good
And a little bad.
His second grade teacher spoke at the funeral,
He didn't say it, but I suspect Ethan was his favorite.
The bishop even had funny stories to tell
About Ethan's bright spirit and life.
At the end of his talk, he encouraged everyone to use
Ethan's example to be a little better.
I'm trying to emulate his carefree attitude
And not get so caught up in the little things.

This is Ethan's mom Kim (the blond).
She and I and Jenny (the bride) lived together in Tonga
A long time ago (13 years).
She is the kind of person that everyone considers their friend.
I flew to Arizona for the funeral and
When I texted from the airport to see if I could visit
She told me how excited she was to see me.
Despite all her her pain, I left her house
Feeling comforted and uplifted.
She and her husband share their love and talents
With family, friends, and the community
And talk about Karma
Family, friends and the community
Returned the love and support.
I'm sure there will be many sad days ahead
But I was impressed with their peace,
Their faith, and their trust in a Heavenly Father
Whose plan is a difficult to understand sometimes.

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