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Friday, April 29, 2011

Birthday Love

It was my birthday a few weeks ago.

This is a shot of the family celebration.

Of course all of the kids got a candle in their cupcake.

Saves their spit being all over mine.

The photographer needs some tips of shooting with an I-phone.

If you can believe it, this was actually the best of the bunch.

Ada and Miles colored pictures for my gift.

I told them I would hang them up in my office.

They make a perfect addition to my filing cabinet.

Tim snuck into my office and left flowers and Kisses

Then took me to dinner and a movie on my official birthday.

PF Changs did us right and then some.

The movie turned into a wild goose chase because

I apparently don't know how to read a movie schedule.

After three theaters, we finally made it, only five minutes late.

If you haven't seen The Kings Speech,

Do yourself a favor and run to see it as quickly as possible.

You will not be disappointed.


Julia said...

sounds like you had such a fun bday!! i have had king's speech for a week from netflix and have yet to sit down and watch the whole thing...I really need to! I keep hearing such good things!

Melissa said...

Hey--you've spruced up the place. I likey :). We finally saw Kings Speech over the weekend. Excellent! Sounds like you are loved with all of that Bday celebrating!