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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Osmond Design

I had some bare spots in our living room that I have been slowly trying to fill. I wandered into Osmond Design looking for inspiration and immediately fell in love with this turquoise fleur de lis and knew I wanted it for the top of my piano. I wasn't sure what else to put with it and wandered around the store for awhile then finally asked at the front desk if there was someone who could help - interior design is not my strong point. I was at the Osmond Design in North Orem, but assume their other stores have equally great staff. I described my space to the girl (I can call her that right, she was at least 10 years younger than me) and told her what I liked. She spent time with me trying out different items and really encouraged me to use pieces that spoke to me and leave out everything else. When we had it right, she encouraged me to take a picture of how it was set up so I could recreate the design at home. In honor of the fleur de lis - voila! It's a simple space but I love how it came together.

Seriously, you should pop into Osmond Design, they were really helpful and I thought the prices were super reasonable. Now if I could just get my basement decorated, I might feel like we are officially moved into our house.


Melissa said...

I love the turquoise :)

Osmond Designs Orem said...

So glad you found the turquoise fleur de lis, it looks perfect on your piano! Love the photo!

We are constantly getting new items in. At these discount prices they fly right out of the store!!!

We hope you will come in again soon! There are some fabulous surprises coming up that you won't want to miss!

Osmond Design Orem