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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Tulips in the Garden

One of our favorite yearly traditions has been to spend a spring afternoon at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Point.  The flowers are absolutely spectacular and the best reward after a long winter. After attending every year, it is fun to have specific memories with the kids and to watch what they recall as we wander through the gardens.  This year we were lucky because both grandmas were able to come with us.  The kids thought it was fantastic to have both Grandma Lynda and Grandma Gayle along on the adventure.  The weather this year was a little cloudy and cool, but we didn't get rained on and really just had the best afternoon together.

Feeding the fish is one of the best part of visiting the gardens.   The fish are huge and completely conditioned to show up as soon as they see anyone with food.  I've learned to come prepared with enough change for a few rounds of feeding.  After spending all of our quarters on fish food, I usually have the coax the kids to leave because they are having such a great time.

During the Tulip Festival they have a bounce house and slide and other kid activities set up - usually it means that we coax them away from the fish, and then have to figure out how to get them to leave the big toys.  Luke was so excited for his turn, Ruby didn't want to try the slide and was content jumping in the bounce house.

After enough visits, and enough times of expressing how beautiful each particular garden is, the kids are convinced that each new location is definitely my favorite.  If pressed, I'm not sure which one I would choose.  The kids definitely love anywhere with space to roam.  

The Secret Garden was definitely a favorite of the grandmas!

Nice shot Luke

They recently completed a statue garden with various scenes of Christ and from the Bible.  I was fairly impressed at how many of the stories my kids knew - they were quick to identify a lot of the scenes.  Neither Luke or Ruby knew the story of the woman caught in sin and wanted to know what was happening and why it looked like the men were being so mean to her.  I explained what was happening and after hearing the story, Ruby just looked so worried, then said....I will go and give her a hug so she won't feel so sad.  From the mouths of babes....

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