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Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Birthday Luke

Luke has been so excited to turn five years old.  He has been planning his cake, presents, etc almost since he turned four.  For Luke's birthday party when he turned one, he had an amazing cake and a great cake has become a favorite tradition.  For his five year old party, he wanted a Batman Lego cake - complete with plenty of new Lego toys.  He loved the finished cake.

We planned his family party for Thursday night and started his celebrations early.  Luke loved the cake, the birthday poster, the balloons, and of course, having all of the cousins there to celebrate. Luke's favorite person and current idol is Gavin so he absolutely loves that their birthdays are only two days apart.  We stuck with tradition and doubled the fun with two birthday cakes. 

When planning the party I forgot that Luke had a soccer game the same night.  He made it to the first half of the game, then hustled home for the party.

Candles and cake were the highlight of the night.

Luke is blessed to have such supportive a family.  We loved having everyone over to celebrate.

The only thing better than cake is presents!

Plenty of fun at the party.

Friday morning the day of his actual birthday, Luke woke up early and was so happy to be five!  He had told me the night before that he was going to stay awake until the middle of the night when he would be officially five.  He quickly opened the Army guys that Taylor had given him and was content to play until Tim and Ruby woke up.  

Once the family was awake and rolling, it was time for presents and waffle breakfast.  Ruby was just as excited as Luke for the presents - he was super sweet and let her help open everything.

Luke's big present was a dome climber for the back yard.  He and Ruby immediately started playing and had to be convinced to come back inside.  We looked at a lot of options and are thrilled at how much fun they have already had with the climber and swing.  Luke knows how to climb to the top easily and is learning how to get himself back down. 

Friday afternoon Luke had a party with friends and we took Drake, Hudson and Evelyn to see the Lego Batman movie.  I loved watching the kids all interact with each other and listen to their chatter on the way to the theater. In some ways it seemed wild that he is old enough to care about celebrating with friends.  This feels like a definite shift and proof that my baby is now a big boy. 

After his friend party, Luke had one last birthday surprise - Katelyn came to visit and brought balloons and a present.  She started watching Luke when he was a baby and the kids love their "babysitter".  Of course, she didn't forget Ruby and brought a little surprise for her as well. 

Following tradition, Luke had one last birthday celebration at Grandpa and Grandma's house.  Happy Birthday little man, you'll never know how much we love you.  We are so blessed to have our five year old boy.

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