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Friday, April 14, 2017

Five Years Old

And somehow this little man is now five and we couldn't possibly feel more blessed to have him in our lives.  Luke is so sweet and sensitive and I alternate between being heartbroken that he is no longer a baby, and just so proud of what an incredible boy he is.  He humors his mama and often tells me that he will always be my baby when I have am acting too sad that he is growing up.  However, lately he has been telling me that he can't stay my baby because he needs to grow up and be a man so that he can live in a bat care and drive a monster truck!  His childlike wonder really is amazing, everything for him is so exciting and fun - I hope he keeps that sense of wonder for a very long time. I'm a bit behind and will eventually do a full post to reminisce about his last year and summarize all of his best accomplishments.  But, for today, this will do....

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Chris Coffman said...

They grow up at lightening speed!