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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Park City - Spring 2017

Shortly after Tim and I were married we had our first adventure at the Marriott Mountainside in Park City.  Since then we have been back multiple times - alone, with kids, with extended family, to celebrate our anniversary, and just to enjoy all of the amenities.  Other than Mexico, it is one of our favorite places.  Luke and Ruby think that the resort itself is "Park City" and were thrilled to hear that we would be spending last weekend there.  We headed up Thursday night - late - and actually got snowed on.  Good thing we didn't have any outdoor plans other than the hot tubs.


The kids woke up Friday morning and immediately wanted to put on their swimming suits.  They each got a new swimming suit for Easter and I thought it would be fun to bring those.  Unfortunately, the suits were both too big and I didn't think to bring a spare.  The front desk had sewing kids with safety pins so we were able to do some quick alterations that luckily stayed on while they were swimming.

One of their favorite places is The Mine where they have lots of kid activities.  Friday morning was finger painting which was a total hit.  They both went all in and had the best time creating their masterpieces.    

By 10:00 a.m. we "finally" made it to the pool and hot tubs.  We had the best time hopping from the pool to the hot tub and playing plenty of mermaid games.  

We finally coaxed the kids out of the pool and headed out for some new adventures at the Swaner Ecco Center.  We really didn't even know what we were going to see but the kids were excited to see the bugs.  It ended up being a really fun place to spend a few hours.  The outdoor walkways were beautiful and we even saw a large crane flying back to her nest.  It was not at all crowded to it was perfect to let the kids wander and explore.

The beekeeping exhibit was fascinating, 
I think we are about ready to invest in some hives.

We stopped by the gift shop and the sales girl offered us some chocolate covered crickets.  I was shocked that both kids happily took and ate one.  Ruby and I also ate one that was BBQ flavored. Tim was kind of grossed out but I was thrilled to see my babies be so adventurous. 

After leaving the ecco center we headed to main street to ride the trolley and explore the shops.

Somehow Luke talked us into ice cream...

Friday night we went back to the hot tubs for a little soak and then the kids were up and excited to swim on Saturday morning.  It was a little windy and colder so we spent most of our time in the hot tubs.  Tim was only able to convince Ruby to go to the big pool long enough for some cannonballs.

Ruby kept wanting me to pretend that I was a little girl.  She would then tell me that she was going to Mexico and I needed to stay home with my grandma and grandpa.  She would swim away and then come back periodically to make sure I was being a good girl.  It was hysterical.

Saturday afternoon we met Tim's parents and they took Luke and Ruby to their house for a sleep over.  Tim and went out to lunch then spent some time sitting by a river chatting.  We stopped at a few stores and did a little shopping, but eventually we were both very content to just go back to our room and hang out and relax.  Baja Cantina has always been one of my favorite places to eat and Tim and I have been there every year since we met to celebrate my birthday.  After a lot of relaxing, we finally convinced ourselves to get moving and we wandered downstairs and across the plaza for dinner.  Dinner was great and it was the perfect ending to a fantastic weekend. 

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