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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Easter 2017

We spent most of Easter weekend celebrating Luke's birthday so it was Saturday afternoon before I realized that my kids had not dyed Easter eggs.  To be more accurate, I realized that they had NEVER dyed Easter eggs.  For the past few years I told myself that they were too young and wouldn't be interested...maybe...but this year I knew they would definitely love it.  When I looked in the fridge and only found 8 eggs, I realized that I clearly hadn't planned ahead.  We decided to start with those and see how far we got.  The process of coloring eggs with two toddlers ended up being pretty intensive so it turned out that 8 were plenty.  Luke and Ruby loved the idea of writing on the eggs with crayons, and were fascinated watching how the dye worked.  They hated the smell of the vinegar, but decided it was worth it for the brightly colored eggs.  We had a few mishaps and several cracked eggs, but the kids were so proud of their finished eggs.

This is her "vinegar is disgusting" face.  

As we were headed to bed Saturday night, Luke was so excited about thoughts of the Easter Bunny and what surprises they might get.  We took some time to talk about the real reason for Easter and I was happy to hear them tell us about Jesus and how and why he died.  Hopefully the true meaning behind Easter sinks in a little between bunnies and baskets.

Sunday morning Luke woke up so excited to see if the Easter Bunny had taken our eggs to hide.  He was so anxious to peek and thrilled when we finally let them go outside in search of hidden eggs.  We added a few plastic eggs to the ones the kids had colored and it was plenty for our little hunt. 

Discovering their baskets.

When they found the Easter baskets, Luke immediately noticed that there was one for him and Ruby as well as Tim, but not one for me.  It was so sweet to see his concern for me.  He dug in his basket and gave me a few of his eggs and then asked Tim if he would share his basket with me.  I didn't necessarily like him worrying about me, but I was happy to see how aware he was of others.

Their idea of posing for pictures.

Not surprisingly, the kids ideas for posing were very different than mine.  I kept telling them that I just wanted one nice shot without any goofy faces.  Luckily we got a few to show their Easter best.

With their morning practice, the kids were definitely ready for Grandpa and Grandma's hunt.  There were a ton of eggs and plenty of surprises for everyone to hide.  Everything is better with cousins and with sunshine and family, the entire day ended up feeling pretty magical. 

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