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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Saturday afternoon we took advantage of Sean being in town and went to spend time with him and enjoy an afternoon at the BYU Baseball game.  Jesse has several good friends on the team from Texas so that makes it fun for her and Sean to go.  The rest of us were just happy to enjoy the sunshine and blue skies....oh, and Cosmo.  The kids were absolutely fascinated by Cosmo and were so excited to see that he was there.  Ruby ran right up to him and was hardly wanted to get down after giving him a hug and a kiss. She kept telling me that Cosmo was her friend.

These are the face of two boys who are in awe that they are so close to Cosmo - he was on the dugout right in front of them dancing and "chatting" with the crowd.  By the time he invited them up to join him, they were more than ready for their photo op.

These two cousins had the best time playing  and "watching" the game.

 Always better together...

Some of my very favorite people in the world!

Ruby loves her Meow Meow

Sitting behind the dugout had its pros and cons.  The kids all seemed pretty convinced that it existed only to stage their dances and other antics.  Ruby appeared to be the biggest fan. 

 After the game the boys were so excited to have their bats and ball signed by the players.  They patiently waited for players to be free and were so proud of all the signatures they gathered.  I was so impressed with the players, they took the time to ask the boys' names and really made them each feel so important.  The signatures may have been the highlight of the day for Luke, Gavin and Miles.  Ruby just tagged along to show off her Barbie bracelet - the players appeared to be pretty impressed.

Texas Forever!

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