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Sunday, January 31, 2016

Swim With the Dolphins - Mexico 2016

When we got to Xel-Ha we immediately saw the dolphins and I started thinking what a fun experience it would be for the kids to have a chance to learn about and swim with the dolphins.  I wondered if I was the only one that thought it sounded fun, but when I asked, they were super excited about having the chance to get up close and personal with the dolphins.  They had a short orientation and then jumped right in and met their new friends. They learned so much about the social interactions as well as the skills and abilities of these amazing creatures.  Watching them "talk", it looked like they were enjoying the play as much as the kids.  Maybe not, but they definitely enjoyed the coolers full of fish that they earned as rewards.  The first thing Erika said when she got out was that she wanted to be a dolphin trainer.  That desire may not last long, but I'm so glad they were able to have such a hands on experience.  And who knows, maybe one day we'll have a kid to visit in Mexico if someone becomes a dolphin trainer.  

 They honestly look like they are smiling all of the time,
I think everyone was happy about the besos.

Within a very short time, the dolphins were able to follow simple commands from the kids.

One of the most fun things to watch (and I'm sure experience) was the dolphin push.  At the sound of the whistle, two dolphins swam over and found the feet of whoever was waiting and started to push. They push them up into standing position and go all the way across the pond.  It was really amazing to watch.  The kids said it was fun, but they were a little worried that the dolphins wouldn't know when to stop.  I don't think the kids heard the whistle from the trainers, but the dolphins definitely did.  Erika got to do it twice and said the second time was much more fun because she knew what to expect.

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