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Saturday, January 2, 2016

December Part III

Christmas morning brought one of the best treats ever, fresh snow - and lots of it.  All of the kids were so excited to bundle up so they could go out and play.  They made snow angels, rode on the sleds, and crashed into snow piles.  I couldn't believe how long they were able to stay out - I guess the cold doesn't seem so bad when you are having fun.  

The entire goal of Calvin and Miles was to get dumped into a snow pile

Looks like he was successful.

Ada and Preston requested a wild ride and were not disappointed.

A slow ride was enough for these babies.

Sunday morning, after a second Christmas breakfast, we loaded up the car and headed to Logan to hear Jacob speak and officially welcome him home from his mission in The Netherlands.  
I know Cheri and Dave were so excited to have Jacob home.  It was great to hear his talk and see how much he has grown - I was especially impressed with his maturity and his testimony.  Before we made the trek back home, we had lunch at the Nye's house later which gave the kids another change to play with their cousins. 

On December 28th Brycen turned 14.  We were able to meet him in Salt Lake to have dinner and celebrate.  He chose one of our favorites, Siegfried's Deli.  Dinner was delicious and I think he loved his gifts.  Success.

After dinner, we met up with Grandma Whitesides, Abby and Hannah and went to The Grand America Hotel to see their Christmas displays.  I have heard that their displays are really great, and they did not disappoint.  

This ginger bread house was made of ginger bread and chocolate
And the fixtures were made of rice crispie treats.
It smelled delicious.

Luke and Ruby loved the Rudolph window,
They said that Rudolph and Clarice were kissing. 

Luke thought the Grinch was amazing!
Ruby wouldn't get close enough to even have a picture taken.

New Years Eve was pretty low key at our house. Lots of errands and playing with new toys.   Luke found this blanket kit a few weeks ago and begged for it but I told him no.  I was able to buy it and get it made to surprise him.  He currently sleeps with a pile of blankets, but he always wants the Star Wars one on top.

My parents were sweet and came to watch the kids so that Tim and I could go to dinner and a movie. When we got home the babies were still awake so we got one last selfie to end the year.  So long 2015, you've been a good one.

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