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Monday, January 25, 2016

Mexico - January 2016


For Christmas this year we surprised the big kids with a trip to Mexico.  Since the first time we went to Mexico together, Tim has talked about wanting the kids to experience how amazing the Riviera Maya can be. Two years ago he took Erika, but the boys hadn't ever been.  We were able to make the arrangements and find some deals to make it work this year.  Leading up to the trip we were a little nervous if everyone would be able to make it.  Both Taylor and Erika have new jobs and technically were not eligible for time off.  Thankfully, they each had managers that were understanding and willing to make it work to allow them to go.  Because we had to be at the airport by 5:00 a.m., we all met up at an airport hotel and tried to get a little sleep before starting our big adventure.  It was a long day of travel with layovers in both Dallas and Houston.  When we got to the airport, our baggage took about a half hour to come out, and then after waiting in line at customs for another half hour, we got the red light and they had to search all of our bags.  Luckily, it was smooth sailing once we arrived at our resort.  We got everyone settled into their rooms and were finally able to begin the relaxing part of the vacation.

Dallas airport - DFW
Tradition calls for a selfie on the airplane.

Houston Hobby Airport

Cancun Airport
We had plenty of time to take a picture.

When we go to Mexico, I usually like to spend all of my time on the beach and rarely leave for any excursions.  However, since this was the first time with the kids, we wanted to make sure they saw more than just the beach at our resort.  We had pre-planned to have two full days at the beach and two full days on excursions, with a last half day at the resort.  Because it is often rainy in January, we spent a lot of time watching various weather apps and trying to schedule our days to take advantage of the best weather.  We mostly succeeded and it felt like the right mix of beach and culture.

Monday was spent at the beach.  We all got up a little late and then spent most of the day near the water.  The water was really calm so we took advantage and scheduled to take out the kayaks.  I was so excited because this year the resort had stand up paddle boards for rent.  I have wanted to try one since we were last in Hawaii a few years ago.  Turns out that it is a little tricky and I may have landed in the water a few times.  But other than a lost pair of sunglasses, the falls were no big deal and it was pretty easy to get back on the board.  I am definitely hooked and disappointed that we didn't get a second chance to go on this trip.  By the end of the first day I think that everyone was impressed by Mexico and enjoying the trip.  

No better way to start than with a beach selfie.

For once, it isn't a picture of me sleeping. 
Brycen and Erika loved playing in the waves and water.

Despite the faces, everyone really did love their meal. 
After spending two days away from the resort (more on the excursions to come), we were ready to get back to the sun and sand.  The only problem was that there wasn't a lot of sun to be found. Thursday ended up being quite rainy and you had to be pretty devoted to be willing to spend any time on the beach because it was so windy. Tim and the kids ended up going into Playa del Carmen to shop and I passed the day alternating between the beach, the pool, and the room.  I was willing to stay out during the sprinkles, but a few times had to make a mad dash to the room when it really started to pour.  My reading was pretty distracted with all of the moving around so I spent most of my time just watching the waves and taking a few pictures.  By about 5:00 the rain had stopped but the weather does have an advantage - it had brought in big waves.  I coaxed Brycen out of the condo and we spent about and hour wave jumping and body surfing.

Friday morning the weather called for more rain, but as soon as we got up and saw the sunset, we knew it was going to be a perfect kind of day.  Tim and watched the sunrise together, then he headed out of yoga and I left for a run.  I was able to run down into Playa where I enjoyed the town without any of the crowds.  The street art along the path is some of my favorite and I made plenty of stops to take it all in - oh, and for some lunges and jump squats.  Once I got back, we all headed to the beach where the morning was basically perfect.  We even had drinks at the swim up bar - my mom's favorite.  It was a great way to end and even better vacation.  

The vacation started with a selfie, so how else would you expect it to end. 

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So fun!!!! You are amazing my friend❤️